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    Why are people not considering Brian Billick?

    As OC for Minnesota when they went 15-1 in 1998 the team scored 556 points the second most points ever in a season next to New England's 589 last year. The very next year he took over Baltimore who was 16-31-1 since moving to Baltimore. I bad team to say the least and did not have a losing season in his first three years. He went on to have an 80-64 record as HC from 1999-2007. He even won the Superbowl in his second year as HC 2000. He has a good track record as OC and HC and working with both offenses and defenses. During that time he even rebuilt his defense. 80-64 is a good record that's averaging 10-8 every year I would take that average over a 9-year span especially when Baltimore did not have a winning season when he took over in Baltimore.

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    Re: Why are people not considering Brian Billick?

    Good questions, RamsSB99, for which I will try to offer a reasonable opinion-

    Billick was the beneficiary of tremendous offenseive talent in Minnesota (Moss, Cris Carter, Robert Smith) and the argument can be made that it would have been difficult to NOT win with that group. His success there allowed him to get the Baltimore job with the reputation of being an offensive genius. He Then proceeded to have one of the league's most boring and uninspiring offenses during his tenure there with duds like Trent Dilfer and Kyle Boller bringing us snoozefests every Sunday. He rode the coat tails of an outstanding defense to a Super Bowl title and Baltimore won despite itself.

    On top of that, from what I've read and heard over the years, Billick is very arrogant and would undoubtedly ruffle some feathers where none need to be ruffled. I think Billick would want a situation where he would have major control over personnel decisions, and I am never in favor of one guy making all the moves.

    He undoubtedly has some credentials and is no dummy, but I wouldn't want him coming to St. Louis.

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