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    Why We Are So Bad And Why It Won't Change.

    As long as Linehan is the coach this season, this team will always struggle on offense. He is running a scheme that's not made for the talent we currently have. Nor do Bulger and the offensive players buy into it. When Bulger made this comment;

    ďIf (Linehan) says we need a spark to help the team win, then thatís what I want to do,Ē he said. ďIf I look like an idiot because of that pick in the end zone, then put it on me. Iím just trying to win. Iíll do whatever it takes for the Rams to win. If (Linehan) feels like we need something to get going, then Iím on board. Iíll do anything to get our offense going.
    That said it all. He's saying he'd rather let Guss go out there and figure this offense out and win, than to lose and play. I think he hates this scheme as much as we do and he wants out of it. If he can't throw accurately because of the rib problems why not sit him? Why get Ferotte at all? The main issue that needs to be fixed is this - Design the offensive scheme around the strength of Bulger or Ferrotte. Then go from there. That's it. But they won't do that. They will just keep hitting their head against a brick wall.

    Linehan doesnt know what the problem is, so how can he fix it?

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    Re: Why We Are So Bad And Why It Won't Change.

    And to think I had high hopes for linehan coming into this season...

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    Re: Why We Are So Bad And Why It Won't Change.

    I'm wondering how long and how many losses will it take for Linehan to see that, "we are not the team he thinks we are".

    We are a passing team. We are not this ball control, running team he's trying to make us.

    The smart move would be to put a healthy QB on the field, and run the offense with no reservations.

    It's pretty plain to see that the play-calling is predicated on keeping Marc Bulger upright, rather than an actual effort to do what it takes to win the game and that is completely unacceptable.

    We are by far the worst red-zone team in football. That is unimaginable, given the talent on this offense. Probably the best assortment of weapons in the entire NFL.

    Certainly the injuries have played a part, but even with all the injuries there's no excuse for this team to be scoring less than 10 points a game.

    We should be able to score 10 points a game with a high school offensive line.

    But as long as Linehan and company continue to try to gameplan around Marc Bulger's injury, this high-powered offense will continue to shoot blanks.
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    Re: Why We Are So Bad And Why It Won't Change.

    I think injuries play into this.

    Like Bulger being hurt with no protectino on the line, and calling bad plays just to protect him.

    Those injuries are sort of an excuse, sure, but a good coach should have started Freotte if Bulger was so hurt thatyou had to change playcalling for him.


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