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    Why We Win / Why We Lose - Week 4 vs. Cardinals

    We definitely don't have alot going for us right now sitting at 0-4, and we have absolutely zero momentum. It's all INTANGIBLES this week. There is change among us , and here is my take:


    1. Somebody Stepping Up - It doesn't really matter who it is, whether on the offensive or defensive side. The defense has been strong for 2-3 quarters just about every game. If they can make this a reality for four quarters, look for us to have a shot at the game. Expect Fakhir to have the performance of his life as he comes back from suspension and hopes to resecure his starting job. I hear Little is going to play, and he needs to break out. If we can get some pass rush on the edge, we easily rattle the two-headed Cardinal quarterback. Neither takes hits well, although Warner will absolutely shred our secondary if he has time. I don't expect alot from Edgerrin James unless we struggle again on offense, putting the defense on the field often. They will get demoralized if we can't score.

    Offensively, it's time for SOMEONE to make a name for themselves. Mr. Hagans, are you listening? I doubt they'll incorporate him much, but nothing would make me happier than for Hagans to have a performance so worthy that it will result in Looker being cut from this team: he is dead space. I cannot believe we use a roster space on a holder. I know Wilkins is picky, but when you are hitting 60% of your field goals, why cater to the guy? Hagans or Bennett needs to step up big time. As much as I'd like to see Leonard run for 150 yards on these guys, I don't think he is going to be the one to make that special play. Dante Hall made me eat crow last week as he looked 26 again. He was giving us great field position on a consistent basis last week. With a healthy quarterback in there, this could be one of the sparks we need to get us in the end zone ...

    As for Gus, he knows the offense. Makes things happen.

    2. Linehan Opens the Playbook - Take chances, and alot of them. Throw the ball deep and attack the field at all levels. This is what Linehan is known for: his ability to attack the field at all three levels. He has had a chance to absorb being the head man, now lets see him call plays like he has in the past. He made Duante Culpepper a hero: Frerotte is 12-6 starting games for Linehan.

    How about a reverse to Hagans that results in a 70 yard TD pass to Dante Hall who was lined up in the backfield? How does that sound?

    3. Heart - There are plenty of veterans on this team. I saw comments from Bulger this week that indicate the team still believes in Linehan. Do they believe they can compete? That is to be seen. There are believers on the defense for sure, as they bust their tails at least for some period of time. They need to make it happen this week. I still believe we can get to 3-5 by the bye-week. If we do this, in the weak NFC west, they is still hope. The leaders need to step uo NOW. As they always say, a start let this can sink a team, or make leaders float to the top.


    1. Frerotte Goes Down - If we can't protect Frerotte, and he goes down, I don't know how we can expect a cold, injured Bulger to come in and finish the deal. Frerotte is a big guy, and can certainly take some punishment (as long as he is not headbutting walls), so give him a little time. He has a cannon arm, and can get the ball downfield.

    2. Giving Up Big Plays Early - Again the defense is solid for 2-3 quarters. If they can give a similar performance against the Cards, and we can get some points in the first half, we CAN win this game. If we can build a 10+ point lead, it will allow the D to take some chances in the second half, in the form of blitzes and early jumps on passes, that we could not afford ourselves if we were behind. This will allow us to use more personnel in spot situations which should keep the D fresh. We need SOMETHING from the ends this week, who are both injured. I expect to see more of Trevor Johnson, who has been semi-productive when given the chance. We must also avoid demoralizing plays, like short missed FG's, and redzone turnovers.

    3. Pondering the Two-Headed Quarterback - If doesn't matter if it is Leinart or Warner, we need to attack constantly. If the defense is constantly having to react to who is quarterbacking that team, we are going to lose. They have enough on their plate. Haslett needs to have a consistent gameplan from the beginning.

    Final Prediction -

    I think we pull it out, finally:

    Rams 20, Cards 19
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    Re: Why We Win / Why We Lose - Week 4 vs. Cardinals

    I like it. Rams 20 Tards 19, It's possible.

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