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Thread: Wide Receiver

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    Wide Receiver

    I'm just interested as to how the Clan see the roster developing for next season at wide receiver. As I see it things are going to get a little over crowded, so who will miss out amongst this lot?

    Holt; Still top quality

    Bruce; I think the poll for if he should stay means that most would keep him, even if it was as the number three.

    Bennett; The jury is out but he's LInehan's boy and that contract means he'll still be here.

    Hall; Did well on the special teams and even though not the greatest threat as a WR, I think he should be back too.

    Stanley; Late showing on kick returns means he's a keeper for me.

    Hagans; Looked very promising in preseason but failed to take his chances in the regular season.

    Looker; Catches few passes these days but looked upon as Mr Dependable by Linehan.

    Now throw into the mix the receiver we're missing that needs pace, possibly even a first day pick and it looks like there are going to be some interesting decisions made by the staff.

    Who would you move on and why?

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    Everyone after Bennett (I'd include Bennett but that would be salary cap hell). None of those guys after Bennett has made an impact "offensively" and the Rams need a speedster to open the middle up for Holt and Bruce.

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    Keep Holt, Bruce and Stanley for returns, the rest can walk.

    Pick up a speedster in the draft.

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    I think we still have thompson on the Practice Squad too. As far as my opening day roster I would say holt is a lock and hopefully bruce. As our 3rd and 4th wideout I would go with Bennett and either draft Early Doucet or maybe try to sign Devery Henderson. Either Early or Devery have the speed to spead the field and Early has a nice frame to go over the middle and at 6'1 would be a nice fill in for Bruce when he retires. All that said Wide outs past the number 2 and hardly ever past the number 3 are never really used in Linehans System. This leaves the 5th spot to Hall as our return man. I dont think we can get rid of one of the better kick returners in the league and you can also use him in end arounds. As for the 6th Spot maybe just keep looker to hold for wilkins if he is even around next year.

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    They are either all possession receivers or unproven. Stanley might turn into a burner if given a chance. I say keep Holt, Bruce, Bennett (no choice), Hall, Stanley and get a deep threat in the draft.

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    i think were only keeping dane looker because he is a good holder.. my opinion

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