Sunday, Jan. 09 2005

Quarterback: B+
When they needed him most, Bulger came through with his 10th career comeback

Running backs: B-
Torch passed? What torched passed? M. Faulk was the main man in the backfield

Receivers: A
With Bruce nursing a hip injury, Holt and Curtis came through with 100-yard
games; Cleeland caught game-winner.

Offensive line: B
There were some rough spots, but a gutsy effort overall. Nutten played on one
leg. Saipaia held his own.

Defensive line: A
No T. Jackson (ankle) and limited work from the injured Little (groin); but a
superb job on Alexander.

Linebackers: B-
Had a lot of trouble covering TE Mili; but unit was excellent filling holes in
run support.

Secondary: C+
Groce had a couple of rough moments; unit overall had some trouble defending
the slant.

Special teams: B+
How about that kickoff coverage? T. Faulk was on his game and the return of
Furrey helped.

Coaching: B+
Martz went deep early to loosen Seattle defense, but kept mixing in the run
throughout the game