JavaScript must be enabled to use this chat software. Which will it be this year: Run to set up the pass? Or: Pass to set up the run?

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    Which will it be this year: Run to set up the pass? Or: Pass to set up the run?

    I believe opposing defenses are going to play us the same way they have the last couple of years or more. They'll load up to stop the run, and dare us to pass. If McDaniels can figure a way to burn opposing teams through the air, our run game will be pretty good.

    Have we acquired enough talent to enable Josh to create mismatches with our passing game consistently? That obviously will be the key. If Avery is truly recovered, and has his speed, Clayton is resigned and we get some production from one or two of our offensive rookies, we might surprise. No question that if we can spread the ball around through the air steadily, thus keeping Sam from having to bird dog one guy, our chances of success will surely increase. We came out of nowhere in 1999, no one saw us coming. That's one of the great things about the NFL - there's always a dark horse in the race somewhere.

    I think this year we'll pass to set up the run - not the other way around. Just a guess on my part, but we didn't hire Josh and pay Sam 50 million guaranteed to field a "3 yards and a cloud of dust" offense. Ball control can and does occur through the air as well. Running the ball is one function of ball control, not the only one ...

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    Re: Which will it be this year: Run to set up the pass? Or: Pass to set up the run?

    We have the talents to spread the ball around whether it's in the short, mid, or deep range. It's all a matter of execution, our two rookies should provide great assistance for us in the short range in case we're going to abuse that area over there. I've seen some impressive moves by DX behind the line of scrimmage as well but his role is going to be more in the deep field this season. If Clayton can stay healthy, then our intermediate lanes will be an option too.

    It will be pass first obviously since opposing teams still respect Jackson's run game but by the 2nd half of the season, expect opposing defenses to spread around the field while Jackson can run through bigger lanes.

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    Re: Which will it be this year: Run to set up the pass? Or: Pass to set up the run?

    Sorry I have to run so I'll pass on this question.

    Pass to setup the run is my guess....

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