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    Willie Whitehead a possibility??

    Maybe if they don't get Jenkins? He not a NT, but he is a solid vet and played for haslett.

    From Rotoworld:

    Willie Whitehead-DL- Saints Jun. 15 - 5:50 pm et

    Saints released DT Willie Whitehead.

    He was a solid rotational player for a while for New Orleans, but the Saints need to get younger on the interior line.

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    Drew Guest

    Re: Willie Whitehead a possibility??

    think we scraping the barrel if we went for him and blocking the development of one of our rookies...our starters are Carriker and Glover or Wroten, unless we can get an upgrade on one of them then might aswell except that we wont have an elite D-line for a couple of years and let Ryan,Jackson & Sandidge be the developing depth IMHO!

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    Re: Willie Whitehead a possibility??

    I wholeheartedly agree with Drew. Unless we're getting someone who is an unquestioned starter above Glover or Wroten, there's no point in having gotten rid of Kennedy. We got three tackles in the draft and made room for them by trading him away. I just see no point in bringing in depth when they don't know the system unless it's to tutor the youngins. And with that the case why don't we just offer him a coaching spot?

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    Re: Willie Whitehead a possibility??

    I don't think we'll be interested. Looks like he's listed as a DE, not a DT though. Still, he has never been spectacular, and now he's obviously on the downhill slope of his career.

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