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    Winnable games this season?

    Pat Shurmur's seat is looking as hot as a summer day in Death Valley for quite awhile now. But he does have potential to be creative playmaker when avoiding those vanilla plays ultra-conservatively. Spagnuolo started 0-2 as a defensive coordinator with the Giants during the '07 season and eventually turned his playcalling into a Heinkel bombing raid. Can Shurmur rebound also?

    vs. Redskins: I can't tell whether both defenses allowed a lot of points or both have amazing offenses but stopping McNabb on the offense and Fat Albert on the defense is a big necessity

    vs. Seahawks: Matt Hasselbeck is starting to lose his tank with those 3 INTs but still a tough cookie to beat with their good receiving corps

    at Lions: Lions lost both of their games the same way as us but with more points on the board even without Stafford

    at Buccaneers: Josh Freeman is in his second year now and showing that winning mentality for the team but still have holes on their ship we need to exploit

    vs. Panthers: Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen looks mediocre at best but still have talent on their running game and defense, hopefully Bruce's retirement will fire up this team to win this game

    vs *****: Tomorrow's game should show whether they were having a bad week last week or is just an overhyped team for the NFC West throne but Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, and Patrick Willis are key threats to us

    vs. Chiefs: No doubt they have a significantly improved running game and defense this year, if our run defense doesn't show any improvement. Then we're up for a world of hurt with a possibility of the Red Sea of Chiefs fan taking over the EJ Dome

    This are games that look winnable but is still a challenge for us if both the coaching staff and some of our players don't step it up. SJ39 has yet to run past the 100+ margin and make a TD, our O-line is still young and inexperienced but hopefully they progress and provide more protection for Bradford and more holes for Jackson.

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    Re: Winnable games this season?

    Adding to your list, I think we can beat Arizona if we can catch them on one of their "off" days. That team seems to play well or play poorly... if we catch them on a poor day we can get them.

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    Re: Winnable games this season?

    I'm being realistic. All of those teams are better than us. Thats probably because we are the worst team in the league. If they can shurmur and someone calls a few plays more than five yards once in a while, it might cause the defense to back up a little. But thats a big if.

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