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    Winning is everything tonight

    IMO winning is the only option tonight. I really do not want to sit at the number 2 spot in the draft any way. The amount of money the number 2 pick cost along with the risks is not worth it. If we don't trade it away we are gambling with high priced figure heads. There is plenty of talent to had in the top ten for a much fairer price. Winning the next 2 still gives a shot at Ghoulsten or Laurinaitis, so lets focus on a win tonight and finish the season right. So get the draft out of your head and focus on a win for this team.

    GO RAMS!

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    Re: Winning is everything tonight

    How this season has went... How could u not want the no. 2 pick? Saying that, this is my most anticipated game of the season and the draft doesn't matter to me right now.

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    Re: Winning is everything tonight

    this team needs a good win and this will be it tonight on national tv,and then next week in Arizona to end the season and then start to work toward next season.

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    Re: Winning is everything tonight

    #2 picks are for teams who really suck. Not to sound biased or anything, but we aren't really that bad of a football team. I know we are sick of hearing about injuries, but we are decimated, biggest one being Pace cuz then our o-line is headed by Alex "Hold or Go ahead and sack Bulger" Barron. The other issue of this team is bad coaching on the offensive side of the ball. Maybe, can't believe I am saying this, but maybe we should get Martz back and join him with Haslett and it will go back to the Lovie and Martz days where we got to the SB. Who would HC the team? IDK. Another thing is John Shaw get rid of him. None of these things are going to happen, but oh well, I guess the Rams are okay with sucking or mediocrity.

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