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    The worst pass-blocking lines in the NFL

    Yea, the Rams O-line is not the picture of perfect pass blocking this season (so far), but there are worse out there. Here's the list of the 6 teams in the NFL who have a less than 10:1 pass attempt to sack ratio.

    Houston - 3.6
    Jax - 6.8
    Atlanta - 7.2
    St. Louis - 7.7
    San Fran - 9.0
    San Diego - 9.7

    You think Bulger has it bad? How would you like to be David Carr's health insurance salesman?

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    Re: The worst pass-blocking lines in the NFL

    Well, the Texans are demoting (or taking action) with the O-coord. And I hope our goal is not to have a handful of teams worse than us (28th!).

    Only one team has allowed more sacks than us. Passing ratio doesn't affect the total hits and pounding your QB takes. Only one (Carr) has been taken down more than Bulger.

    We pass - that's our OFF, if we can't pass block - we're in trouble. SanFran was predictably exposed by Philly and Arizona was killed by the Giants (42 points). So, as I've said, it' only uphill as far as competition is concerned.

    We've played two weak teams and only one team has allowed more sacks.


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    Re: The worst pass-blocking lines in the NFL

    NOw you see why the texans wanted The Big Man so badly. They really got screwed on the Boselli issue. They took a risk on an expensive injured guy and it really didnt work out for them.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: The worst pass-blocking lines in the NFL

    The thing about David Carr being sacked is that he creates a lot of those situations himself. I watched the Pittsburgh/Houston game yesterday, and I saw Carr more than once have to scramble out of the pocket only to not get rid of the ball himself and instead take the loss of yards (didn't Bulger do something like this yesterday as well?). Then, there was one play where Steelers SS Polamanu blitzed from the left side, and Dominick Davis pushed him out, and Carr rolled right into him. The Texans O-line isn't strong at all, but I think Carr's numbers could be better if he were a bit more aware on the field.


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