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    Would it kill the RAMS to hire some special teams?

    It seems like ever since the loss of Tony Horne the Rams have tried everyone short of Warner and Bulger on the (not so) special teams, this got even worse with the loss of Hakim-not that he was all that (Fumble master) but, he could run with it and actually change direction when the defense ran at him. (huge concept)
    What I'm saying is is it possible to find someone else (not already on the RAMS team) to do the job.
    There has got to be a few hundred speedsters out there dying for the job, I wonder have they even looked?
    I fear this will be another year of runbacks against our special teams followed by 10-15 yard average kick/punt returns by our recycled receivers or RB's.

    This has to be fixed to win! remember the Special teams in the 99 season (First rate).

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    Re: Would it kill the RAMS to hire some special teams?

    It's not just plug a speedy guy in and watch him run. This guy has to have good hands, he can't fumble, and he's gotta have the awareness to find the holes.

    We're making steps to improve returns. McDonald's fine at punt returns as long as he gets blocking help and doesn't RUN BACKWARDS! We're trying Groce at kick returns which I think is a move that's well overdue considering his success there in college.

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    Re: Would it kill the RAMS to hire some special teams?

    Stone and Hawthorne were both signed to improve special teams. Both excel in that area, as does coakley. The draft picks were also designed to help with special teams. I think this answers your questions regarding the rams finally making an effort in that area.

    Groce led the nation in punt returns. He fumbled a couple of times last year, but martz said today he is going to give him another shot. Caison is pretty good as a kick returner.

    I think our main issue is coverage. We score plenty of points, the return game or lack thereof bothers me a lot less than our failure to cover, which is really what has killed us and again, i believe we have taken more steps to address that issue this off season than we have in years.

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