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    Re: Wow, I can't believe I'm saying this ...

    Quote Originally Posted by RamDez View Post
    When members get involved in a "pissing" contest (sorry to use that as an example) then no one wins and everyone just gets wet and smells ...... if you get my drift.

    As HUb has said, take it to the PM system or in the first instance, threads will be closed. In the second instance, you will be "given" a vow of silence
    I've have been given said gift of silence that Dez mentions here ....

    Not the best present I've ever gotten, all things considered

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    Re: Wow, I can't believe I'm saying this ...

    Whoever is questioning the message of the original post is misunderstanding the overall concern, no offense. Infiniti has a lot of posts, and all of them have meaningful insight on any given topic, so if there's something wrong, I want to hear about it. He's not "bashing"...

    Quite frankly, I appreciate people who create threads like this because they care about the forum. Honestly, this forum has always been about integrity and the fact that it's been lacking is a concern. And for anyone not understanding that all this is is...pardon my french, but giving a sh%! about the forums is missing the point.

    As for Bulger, it's unfortunate that he broke his pinky, it sucks. He's going to miss timing with young receivers, it's rough. No one said it was going to be easy, but have faith. I think it's only fair. If you are a Rams fan you'll trust within the coaching staff and realize that Bulger is the starter and to give him some slack. The guy is gun-shy for a reason, the guy has been mauled by (usually) 230+ LB jacked up dudes for how many years now? I don't blame him for not trusting his offensive line yet.

    I'd rather hear about obnoxious threads on the crappy blitz pickups by the RBs from that pre-season game. But regardless, it's all silly because it's the pre-season...

    One thing I know and have faith in is that we are on the right path with Spags and we are rebuilding.

    Let's keep this forum classy, let's have integrity. Who else can say they have that? Let's not stoop down to everyone else's level, please!
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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