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    Jackson39 Guest

    Cool Wow, Keenan's got potential

    u guys have to watch this:
    YouTube - Keenan Burton 2006 Season Highlights - Zac Banta

    I know that was 2006, but man this kid has potential. Imagine a combination of the don - donnie avery and keenan. We need a coach that can utilise his skills cause as far as i'm concerned this guy could be great.
    I really hope keenan's skills translate very quickly in to NFL level. We could have one the most feared offenses in the league - Avery, Jackson, Burton, Holt (maybe), hopefully a rebuilt oline in draft, Bulger (If he can play like he did in 2006)...we would be unstoppable with the ball...i believe
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    Re: Wow, Keenan's got potential

    Nice video! Keenan = Potential is correct. I had not realized he has nifty return skills as well.

    Yes, a healthy KB + Avery might be part of our new generation of successful WRs. Thanks J39!

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Wow, Keenan's got potential

    Can you imagine?

    Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton? Some say that they don't have the skills. However, it's their rookie year!

    I hope these two keep their numbers. 17 and 14. We had good 80's running around. Let the teen squad light up the field!

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    IzzyHigh1212 Guest

    Re: Wow, Keenan's got potential

    I thought some felt Keenan could have ended up being a first rounder if he waited a year.

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    SJacks039 Guest

    Re: Wow, Keenan's got potential

    Donnie and Keenan are bosses. I hope they aren't stuck with bulger for too much longer and we can get a more consistent QB. Both guys can run. it should b fun to watch.

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    Re: Wow, Keenan's got potential

    A lot of people don't know that keenan is only .02 seconds slower at last year's combine.

    His problem is his strength and being able to catch balls in tough situations

    He is the one WR we have that has alot more potential inside.

    But we really need someone to get it all out of him in the offseason and pre-season.

    HIT THE Weights hard kID !!!!!!!

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    Warner4prez Guest

    Re: Wow, Keenan's got potential

    The one I'd really love to see live up to his big potential is Justing King. We need help in the secondary bad, and if he comes back healthy...well I'll just cross my fingers.

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    Re: Wow, Keenan's got potential

    remember this is before his knee injury, but i still think he has got it. WR's typically take 2-4 years to develop and in that time or sooner I think Burton and avery will give us 2 good wideouts.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Wow, Keenan's got potential

    We got 2 steals in this last draft , BURTON-RD4 and SCHUENNING-RD5 . Ihad this kid pegged for the Rams last year , and he should have gone in the top 100 . We should be thankful that one of these went the Rams way .

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    Re: Wow, Keenan's got potential

    Being down here in bammer (War Eagle!), I got to see Burton and Kentucky several times and Burton saved the day more than once. Tons of talent. Wait and see ...

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