Could it?

I mean, our receiving corps is filled with a bunch of draft picks and practice squad players. They are young, raw, have flaws, and are not consistent yet.

I see the problem with them still being inconsistent and still raw is because we have no veteran WR (besides newly acquired Clayton who is now injured) to lead them, guide them, and share with them some small crafty tips and strategies that ultimately could decide if a WR becomes great or not.

Without veteran guidance, our young receivers are fending for themselves out there, forced to rely on their inexperience, and although sometimes we see flashes of their potential, we mostly see the raw inconsistency problems they all have.

Should we bring in a "proven" vet receiver?

Now I'm not saying we should go out and trade for expensive "name-brand" receivers, but I think this brings up a question mark for our receivers.

Let's discuss.