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    ramavenger Guest

    Question WR Freeman is a freeman

    Do you think the rams could have an intrest
    in Packers WR Freeman?
    Would he even be worth anything as a Ram?

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    MoonJoe's Avatar
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    No, he's a head case, check Cris Carter on that, Martz don't like head cases.

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    sprtsmac Guest
    He's no longer a top notch receiver. Plus, its better to spend the money else where. Like in the draft; on a receiver that can grow with the Rams.

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    DJRamFan Guest
    I second what MoonJoe and sprtsmac say....we don't need him.

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    YodaRam Guest
    I agree! But it doesn't really matter, anyway. This guys contract is way too heavy for The Rams to pick up under its conditions! Not gonna happen!

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    Blankman17 Guest
    I've gotten a bad feeling about Antonio in the past...I think he and MM would clash a bit too often

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    mar Guest
    I never thought he was that good of a wr anyway. I always hated Deon Sanders and Antonio Freeman is the same type of person. He isn't good enough to be on the Rams practice squad.

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    Randy Guest
    I agree with sprtsmac, the draft is loaded this year with receivers, lets get one and groom him like Holt. Anyone hear about who we are looking at for Linebackers, O-Lineman, cornerbacks. We need some depth at these positions. Cam Spikes needs to get a shot this year, I've talked to him over some beers last year and he's a heck of a nice guy and he has paid his dues in practice the last 3 yrs. Give the big Texan a shot. Hanifan says he is promising so let him play.

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    If the Rams don't pick up Wilkins, the draft is the way they will go. Wilkins really has been the only fit after Proehl resigned. The Rams need a speed guy with special teams skills, and Wilkins has those.

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    I'm sticking to my opinion that the Rams shouldn't pick up a third receiver in free agency. We've been very good drafting receivers (Bruce, Holt, Hakim) and I think the Rams should continue down that path to find a replacement.


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