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    Re: WR is an issue--sad to admit...

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonJoe View Post
    I don't know, we only use our players for the first half anyway. Maybe Bruce can make it one more year!

    Bruce said just a couple of weeks ago, that he could play another 3 or 4 years easily.

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    Re: WR is an issue--sad to admit...

    Go watch the tape, and you won't have to watch it long ...

    Play # 1 ....

    Watch Ike Bruce make an absolute fool out of DeAngelo Hall (a so-called top tier DB) with one of the sickest moves you will ever see by a wide receiver. Tell me when was the last time you saw a 35 year old receiver school a DB like that, so badly that the DB had to grab him ...

    Bruce may be getting a little slower, he may be getting a little less agile, but as those physical skills decrease, his mental skills and preparation only get better ...

    Took a look at his body. He is cut and lean, and I have no doubt he could play at the 50-60 catch, 700-800 yard level for several more years ...

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    Re: WR is an issue--sad to admit...

    Bruce and Holt are two of the best recievers in the game. Losing either of them would hurt this team. Who cares if you have a deep threat when the QB has less than two seconds in the pocket!!!Give me a break. Let us repair the O-line, and any recievers we have will be more productive. Bruce and Holt are integral to this teams future. Any NFC West team cuold use Bruce to smack the crap out of us. Bad Idea. gorams

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    Re: WR is an issue--sad to admit...

    the rams won't dump bruce , he might even get a new contract after this one for a year or two as the 3-4th receiver . look around the league and look at all the starters that are just not that good , and bruce still has it . the rams have some young speed in HAGANS and STANLEY and D. THOMPSON , on the practice squad . i don't see HAGANS putting in all that work at WR , to be an emergency 3rd QB . he has shown that he has it , we were hoping he got a bigger role this year , but next year could be his breakout . but D. THOMPSON , he has had a few years on the squad , so i would have too think that if he doesn't make a significant move up next year , his spot should be given too a new guy .

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