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    Written Apologies Are In Order

    I want to see our offense apologize to our defense for their actions on the field yesterday. Let's face it, offense and special teams gave up more points than our D did. And they only allowed 250 yards total offense, which isn't too shabby.

    Don't get me wrong, the D wasn't flawless out there either, but if I had to pick a group of guys to dump, it would be the offense, hands down.

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    Re: Written Apologies Are In Order

    i think we have quite a bit of talent on our D that will only get better..

    in the off-season we need to spend our first 3 picks and a free agent or two on O

    i`d go..

    1st Round QB
    2nd Round TE
    3rd OG or OT


    OG or OT
    RB (scat-back type)

    our ST`s are pretty good methinks..just had a bad day at the office..

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