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    Wrong Rams people are making changes

    By Bryan Burwell
    Friday, Sep. 26 2008
    As I cast my envious eyes towards Motown where the early stages of a palace
    coup within the Detroit Lions organization is ongoing, I keep wondering:

    When, oh, when will it happen here?

    This is not piling on. This is pure public service. I have been covering sports
    for more than 30 years, and I can honestly say that I have never been around an
    operation like the Rams. It's well past time to tear this thing up and start
    all over again, but the ax still hasn't fallen. So I guess the best way to help
    move that objective along is by a constant and loud drumbeat for change.

    The change I'm talking about isn't the superficial band aids that keep
    happening around here, as they try and patch up the gaping wound that has bled
    all the life out of this mortally wounded franchise.

    Quarterbacks and cornerbacks, defensive ends and tackles. These are what we now
    euphemistically call More Lipstick, More Pigs (and that's only because we can't
    call it %*@!, and #@*!! in a family newspaper).

    The changes are the desperate acts of a desperate man and a dysfunctional
    organization that fail to do anything for the true overall benefit of the

    The real change at Rams Park should mimic what is happening in Detroit, where
    the Lions were so pitiful under Matt Millen's direction (31-84). Millen was
    finally fired two days ago as the Lions' president and CEO after being roundly
    criticized over the last decade for having no direction, no purpose, too many
    bad coaching hires, disastrous drafting history and no other significant
    accomplishment other than banding the entire region together in a mutual
    loathing of his unsuccessful act.

    Well guess what organization has an equally pathetic draft record and has won
    only four more games over the past five seasons than Millen's sorry, no-account

    That would be your sorry, no-account St. Louis Rams.

    So Millen is out of a job finally for wrecking the Lions, but Jay Zygmunt is
    still gainfully employed as the primary interior decorator with the Rams?

    So how does that work?

    Last we checked, Zygmunt is still listed as president and general manager of
    football operations, still overseeing this long-standing monument to failure
    with a résumé pockmarked with mistakes just as glaring as anything Millen
    manufactured. Yet somehow in a league that rarely tolerates failure for any
    length of time, Zygmunt is still standing after all these years. And now he has
    risen to the top of the food chain, while people below him continue to turn
    this 0-3 season into a joke and the foreseeable future of this franchise into
    certain calamity.

    Am I repeating myself? Yeah, I guess I am. But I'm going to keep on saying it
    until the proper people get my not-so-subtle hints. So this is what we need to
    focus on:

    The Rams are really bad.

    Between 1990 and 1998, the Rams lost 99 games, the worst in the NFL during that
    stretch. In the 1990s, this team lost 102 games, the second worst record behind
    the Cincinnati Bengals during that same stretch of time. In fact, the Rams were
    the worst franchise of the decade until the fourth game of the miracle '99
    season when they won their first four games and the Bengals lost their first
    four. From 2002 through today, the Rams have lost another 59 games. So if you
    throw out the fluke three-year stretch from 1999 through 2001, the true
    personality of this organization is the other 16 seasons starting with 1990,
    which had only one winning season (12-4 in '03).

    Since that last winning season, the Rams are a dismal 25-42, the fourth worst
    in pro football behind only Oakland (16-51), Detroit (21-46) and Cleveland

    So what in the world are we waiting on?

    The Rams are at a very critical and delicate stage as a franchise, and I wonder
    if owner Chip Rosenbloom realizes it. Everyone knows that Zygmunt and his
    handpicked head coach Scott Linehan are living on borrowed time. But in the
    meantime, they continue to run the place, and that puts them in the dangerous
    position to continue to make moves that could wreck this franchise beyond easy

    Even if some of the moves that Linehan makes in a futile attempt to save his
    job actually make sense, I worry that they could also be ground cover to
    obscure some that make no sense at all. What is the true motivation for
    replacing the veteran quarterback who we all know you never liked with the
    older, fragile one? How do you explain replacing the decent cornerback who was
    never a favorite of yours or Zygmunt's with a guy who you just got off the

    My greatest fear is that before Linehan and Zygmunt are kicked out the door,
    they could actually perpetrate more oddly puzzling acts of lunacy that will
    make anything we've already seen pale in comparison. The wrong people are
    making changes, and I fear for all the wrong reasons.

    How much more preposterous can this get? Like Nixon in his final days, should
    everyone on the Zygmunt-Linehan administration's enemy list beware?

    What's next, trading Torry Holt?

    Nahhh, that could never happen.

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    Re: Wrong Rams people are making changes

    Thank you! That's exactly what I've been trying to say, only I think he worded it better. Just replacing Linehan is NOT enough to save this sorry franchise. I absolutely hope that Chip sells the team, I have seen no indication that he is capable of leading an NFL franchise, or even that he wants to. Sell the franchise, clean house, that's the hope we have.

    Why wait?

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    Re: Wrong Rams people are making changes

    Does anyone know if Chip is paying attention to the team? Does he care? Will he make difficult decisions to improve the team?

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