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    WR's who will be Free Agents next year

    1. Marty Booker
    2. Germaine Crowell
    3. Sean Dawkins
    4. Tim Dwight
    5. Bobby Engram
    6. Willie Jackson
    7. Wane McGarity
    8. Michael Westbrook

    Chicago will probably sign Booker, the rest who knows. Tell you what, if the Saints want to give up on Willie Jackson, that would be a nice sign.

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    DJRamFan Guest
    I say no to all of them, i don't think they'll fit the system, plus i still say we draft a wide receiver and i think that's what martz will want to do too.

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    I think I am with you DJ. If there isn't a rookie out there, Az may have to be one of those things we live with.

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    Martiin Guest
    I agree with you DJRamFan!!
    None of those receivers would fit the Rams' system.
    But I do feel that they have to strengthen this part of the offense.
    Tory Holt and Isaac Bruce are both great receivers and when
    Ricky Proehl plays as well as he did this sunday, he is without doubt an outstanding receiver, who in my opinion should start as 3rd in the offense.
    Az Hakim has moments where he is great in the wide-receiver position, but he also has games, where he drops easy balls.

    The Rams has the reputation of having the greatest offense in the world(here in Europe too!) and I think it should stay that way.
    This is in my opinion assured by drafting a wide receiver in one of the first rounds of the 2002 draft!

    But the question is, are there any receivers who would improve the Rams? I'm not able to follow the College matches, therefore I don't know any of the players, who will be available when the draft starts!! :upset:

    GO RAMS!!!

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    I think you guys are right on,but I do think Tim Dwight would fit the Rams system.He is tough,fast,and has a good attitude.I'm just not sure if we would be able to sign him.
    (Hey,I know some would say that Dwight is injury prone,but he finished a game with a punctured lung.He reminds me of Arch on the offensive side of the ball.)

    :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
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    duke Guest
    Tim Dwight also returns kicks and is a heck of a special teams player. I think I like this guy. If Proehl does retire he could be a nice replacement.

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    DaddoRam Guest
    2001 proved what a crap shoot drafting WRs can be...I'd rather take Dwight, and have the depth at WR and a reliable return guy.
    I'd like to see the first draft pick spent on a corner...we're seeing problems with a lack of depth in the defensive backfield, and I've yet to be convinced that Bly is as good as we'd like back there. Center wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

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    mxbrian Guest

    How do we know?

    First off, I think Tim Dwight would be a great fit for all of the above reasons already metioned. However, what is it about all of the other receivers that you all don't think would "FIT" the Rams system? Are they completely uncoachable? Are they stupid? Are they old? What is it?

    I think you are making some strange assumptions saying that they wouldn't fit into the Rams system.

    Germaine Crowell for example, great receiver dying for a good QB to hit him in stride. A little injury prone would be my concern with him.

    Michael Westbrook, a good deep threat with great hands and runs solid routes. Again, an injury risk.

    Willie Jackson, good spead, smart player, good at running after the catch, perhaps the best pick of this list. The Saints will re-sign him almost certainly.

    Sean Dawkins, great all around receiver who is tough and sturdy with good intelligence. Playing for Holmgren, he learned complex offensive sets. He'll never be available.

    I do agree with your summation that the draft will be the best overall option, but not because these receivers wouldn't work great, in fact they would I believe. I agree because of salary cap. The Rams, who have managed the cap relentlessly, mostly because of lucking out with Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk in the same year, will see the cap catch up with them in the 2002 off season. This will dramatically effect their ability to sign a quality receiver. Thus, the draft.

    Tim Dwight, having been in the league for a while, may have lower salary requirements in an effort to play for a championship team. He's a strong, smart, fast and versatile player. My mind says go after him first.

    GO RAMS !!!


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