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    Yahoo's NFC Team Reports: Rams

    I just saw an interesting tidbit on Yahoo Sports:

    "After just a few practices with the Rams, it looks like a starting defensive tackle job is Adam Carriker's to lose. Primarily an end in college at Nebraska, Carriker looked good in his early practices at tackle. There has been no hesitancy and no anxiety. Although the Rams still are a couple of months away from anything resembling full contact in practice, Carriker has put his strength and leverage to good use inside. It's unclear whether Carriker will play the nose or the "3 technique" at tackle, but the Rams are considering playing a "left" tackle, "right" tackle scheme in which both starters play both tackle positions depending on the opponent's offensive formation."

    Seeing as how Glover has experience playing the nose in Dallas and Carriker has pretty good pass-rushing skills, it could be a good thing to have them changing up who takes on the double-teams. Does anybody know if other NFL teams play a scheme like this?

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    Re: Yahoo's NFC Team Reports: Rams

    I do not know if any other team plays a left tackle right tackle system but who knows. Haslett has done other things that are slightly out of the norm and been successful with them. Keep your fingers crossed.

    I did see the OTA report on the NFL network tonight and seems Haslett is really impressed with both Cariker and Wade. Hopefully the D is going to acceptable this next year and keep getting better. I am tired of watch teams run the ball done our throat.


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    Re: Yahoo's NFC Team Reports: Rams

    Quote Originally Posted by goldenfleece
    Does anybody know if other NFL teams play a scheme like this?
    You see Tampa-2 teams do this more often than not. Indy, Tampa, even Chicago (though Tank Johnson is probably a more natural NT) uses a DT/DT type scheme. A team that uses this set-up will have a LB corp that is quick enough to get to the ball, and cover routes, but solid enough to make the stop. As well, this set-up works best with quick edge rushers that can get to the QB without the blitz.

    I'm sure he can adapt, but it is against Haslett's history to get away from the blitz. But hey, I'm also sure Haslett knows how to change his personal philosophies to fit the skill sets of his players.
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    Re: Yahoo's NFC Team Reports: Rams

    i would like to see this because it will make the rush better and allow us to use Carriker to his fullest ability.

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    Re: Yahoo's NFC Team Reports: Rams

    Great idea with the tackles playing the same role this will allow the Rams to use both Wroten and Carrikers strengths.

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    Re: Yahoo's NFC Team Reports: Rams

    I know it will definetly confuse a lot of Offensive Linemen. Cause there will be issues on who to block. I believe the biggest thing to the running game is stuffing the gaps, Keeping the big linemen of the Linebackers, and forcing the run to the outside, where the Linebackers can stop the run in the backfield.

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