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    Yes, the Rams will make a coaching change

    Sunday, September 28, 2008
    Opinions / St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    His friends all tell you not to sleep on Chip Rosenbloom. His friends say he is the perfect blend of his mother's grace and his father's strength, a mighty fine blend that makes him the sort of even-handed tactician who will navigate this failing franchise out of these troubled waters.

    These are not yes men and glad-handers. These are the wise men and reliable associates who promise that he won't stand idly by as his inheritance is whittled away. I happen to believe them. From everything I've heard and observed of the new owner of the St. Louis Rams, he fully understands what needs to happen to stop the decline of this winless franchise.

    So I think I have the answer to the question that is on everyone's mind in the dispirited universe of Rams loyalists.

    Yes, the firing of Scott Linehan is coming, and it's coming soon.

    My educated hunch is that it happens sooner rather than later. I don't think it really matters whether or not Rosenbloom waits to see if Linehan's players fail to respond to his leadership for the fourth straight week against the unbeaten Buffalo Bills on Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome. We all know the besieged coach has been living on borrowed time for far too long.

    If it were my decision, the results of this game would hardly matter. Letting Linehan go at this point would be a humane act of kindness for a man unable to quell the internal mutiny that has been bubbling since midway through last season's 3-13 collapse and has caught fire again during this embarrassing 0-3 start to the '08 season.

    Winning big or losing close shouldn't save Linehan's job. It's unfair to allow Linehan to suffer in isolation like this. The losing has left him on an emotional island, with few friends or allies in the building. He sees enemies, both real and imagined, lurking everywhere. It benefits no one to have this drag on much further. It hurts the team dramatically, but it's also causing major damage to Linehan's reputation too. So the only decent thing to do at this point is to end this quickly and allow him to get started on salvaging his career before it's too late.

    The only reason I could see for Rosenbloom's hesitation at this point is that he is smart enough to understand that firing Linehan is a two-fer deal.

    As soon as the coach goes, the public will expect that general manager Jay Zygmunt shouldn't be too far behind. They are an inseparable pair, intrinsically linked ever since the general manager not only handpicked Linehan, but also deliberately created the hostile environment that paved the way for his arrival: the carefully orchestrated sabotage of Linehan's predecessor, Mike Martz.

    Even though I would love to see Zygmunt and Linehan escorted out of Rams Park in tandem, it doesn't really matter how you time their exits. While Zygmunt is my primary target in this constant drumbeat for change at Rams Park and he represents the most easily identifiable target for the venom of Rams fans most logical people can handle postponing his exit until the end of the season.

    The simple reality is we can all harness our frustrations for a few more months if we know Zygmunt is in dry dock. Linehan's firing will be the first step in the move to remove the general manager as the ultimate authority in the building, too. Working quietly behind the scenes, Rosenbloom can effect as much change as if he made a showy twin killing of Linehan and Zygmunt this week.

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    Re: Yes, the Rams will make a coaching change

    Yes, Linehan should've been fired LONG, LONG AGO.

    Zygmunt has to go - along with the rest of that Front Office.

    Action needs to be taken - Confidence needs to be restored - and Progress towards a winning Organization starts today.

    It's Time - there is no doubt.


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    Re: Yes, the Rams will make a coaching change

    Till I see a boot print on Linehan's left tookus, he's still HC. But hopefully, not for long.

    Zygmunt has to go--period! Had he exerted better control over the Mad man Martz, and put together a stronger FO organization, the misery that is the Linehan Era would not have come to pass. Under his stewartship, one glorious year, follows by 2 failure head coachs (many years), declining revenue and fan dissatisfaction--its only logical. But logic doesn't apply in the real world, so have to wait and see as the drama unfolds.

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    Re: Yes, the Rams will make a coaching change

    it's all over for Linehan. Good riddance, can we now play some second half football!!!

    It's Jim not Chris

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