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Thread: Yet another HC change thread

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    Re: Yet another HC change thread

    Although I think change is inevitable--and it's most likely the best decision, at this point, to move on-- this is why I am sad to see Spags go. Because we all know he is a legit coach and his players do love him. Linehan, at the end, had his players (remember Holt against the Steelers?) basically hating the dude.

    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Yet another HC change thread

    FYI - The big rumor in Philly is they are giving Reid an ultimatum to hire a real Defensive Coordinator or there is no guarantee he will be back after making his offensive line coach the Def Co.

    So, everyone in Philly is assuming that Steve Spagnuolo will be hire as defensive Coordinator right after the season. Philly is maybe one team in more disarray than the Rams. They have talent and least we don't have

    Either way, I love Spags defense but I have the feeling he will be gone. I just don't know who can come in and do the job (that would actually want to work in St. Louis).

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    Re: Yet another HC change thread

    I support Spags as a HC. I hope he's not fired for several reason already discussed such as player loyalty, defensive schemes and I'm tired of changing HC's with little progress to show for it. If you really think about it, he would be fired for this season only, since year 1 was a pass with a team he didn't put together, year 2 was a good year but it naturally led to expectations that were not met. I don't think he will/should be fired for the performance this year alone. Then there's the logical question who do you bring in. I don't see Cowher coming here, Jeff Fisher's link is that Marvin Demoff is his agent who is also Kevin's dad, forget Gruden who is happy on TV and so is Tony Dungy. So that leaves Marty Schottenheimer, who is probably not the right guy for us and some assistants on teams who may have been HC's elsewhere. Not a pretty scenario as I see it. I would like to offer the KISS acronym, Keep It Steve Spagnuolo.

    Stan will likely force changes that should happen in the front-office and insist on new assistants for the OL and conditioning as well as others. I don't see too many coaches getting fired for 1 year's poor performance as kneejerk as this league may be. Do we think Raheem Morris will be fired in Tampa for his 1 bad year?

    Incidentally, I heard on ESPN radio that if Andy is cut in Philly the most likely landing spot for him will be San Diego as he's a SoCal boy. That assumes Norv Turner is fired which seems likely if the "Bolts" miss the playoffs or if they make it and go 1 and done.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: Yet another HC change thread

    I love Spags because he's always been nice with the defense. But we seriously gotta fix the other side of the ball. Im not sure what I want anymore. I guess we will see what happens after the season.

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