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    Yoga seems to help cool tempers for Rams, Titans at joint practice

    Associated Press

    No fights, only some hard-hitting football between the St. Louis Rams and Tennessee Titans.

    Maybe that 45-minute session of yoga really did help ease the tension -- along with the tight hamstrings and sore backs.

    The teams wrapped up their second day of joint practices Thursday with a special teams session in the morning. Most players not involved did some yoga on the Titans' indoor field. Then they concluded with a 90-minute session in the afternoon.

    The Titans usually do some yoga once every week or two to stretch out muscles, especially during training camp. Titans coach Jeff Fisher had extended the invitation to St. Louis coach Scott Linehan for his Rams to join in. No reporters were allowed to watch the yoga session, and Linehan was busy enough in the special teams practice that he didn't get to sneak a peek himself.

    "I'm sure they loved it. It's a good changeup. It's better than running gassers on the field," Linehan said. "It was a contrast to the game of football but probably a good break for them."

    St. Louis center Brett Romberg welcomed the yoga, having tried the stretching technique while with Jacksonville. He called yoga great for lengthening out muscles, especially after a few days of hard work.

    "Anytime you can take off some banging, it definitely makes the body feel a lot better," Romberg said. "The yoga's great. I hope they start implementing it in St. Louis. It definitely works."

    The Titans even incorporated yoga into an offseason program a few years ago and have included a couple of poses into their daily pre-practice stretches. Linebacker Keith Bulluck said it is a nice change of pace during training camp.

    "Anything not outside being physical, we're all cool with. Those guys were into it," he said of the Rams. "They got something out of it. We got something out of it."

    Thursday was much quieter with the special teams practice, even though Linehan said a punt returns drill was as physical as anything he's seen. Titans defensive tackle Tony Brown, who was given the afternoon off to rest, said the yoga was good to get them off their feet and calm things down.

    "You really need to get stretched out and that yoga, guys with hamstrings, back problems, it helped them out a lot," he said.

    Titans right guard Jake Scott is still getting used to the yoga, which he didn't do while in Indianapolis. He said it's a little tougher for the big guys.

    "It's nice to be able to go stretch ... out some of the kinks and get the muscles loosened up a bit," Scott said.

    In the afternoon, the Rams twice picked off Vince Young, while Titans defensive end Jacob Ford managed to grab Rams running backs in the backfield in a team drill on consecutive plays.

    Rams quarterback Marc Bulger had a nice pass to Dane Looker in a passing drill, but Titans cornerback Nick Harper intercepted a pass off Bulger later. Titans rookie free agent Tony Joyner made a nice interception off a tipped pass in a team drill.

    There was none of the tension that surrounded Wednesday morning's practice with both teams in full pads and three fights within a few minutes. It might have been a bit of exhaustion after two weeks of camp. The teams will practice separately Friday before finally kicking off the exhibition season Saturday night at LP Field.

    Fisher estimated both clubs had two good days' of work.

    "Now the guys can get down to business. Now they're ready for Saturday night," he said.

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    Re: Yoga seems to help cool tempers for Rams, Titans at joint practice

    YOGA? You mean "Y O G A"?!?! **Cringe and quiver** This is the NFL!

    Needlepoint is good for relaxtion if you're a fearsome Rosey Grier. But NOT YOGA!!!

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