So I've read a couple more posts, about leaving the Rams fan that I saw, Goodbye, don't let the doorknow hit you where the good Lord split you. What's the definition of a fair-weather-fan? They are around when its convienant for them. So if the team is winning, or the weathers nice, and they got 2 know what I'm saying? Well I would like to say something to all those "fans" who are "done" with the Rams. Please become a Winers fan so I can dispise you more then kids and vegetables. We don't need your kind here, raining on our already dim day. We all know that the Rams are a very bad team, and that's not gonna change tomorrow. I have faith that the Rams are gonna be good sooner or later. And whenever that day comes, it will only make this that much better. Fanhood is not something you pack in a bag, and and pull is out when its convienant. To make a long story short, if you wanna leave, leave, but don't you dare comeback and act like you've been here the whole time. This isn't about the past, this is now. Want some, get some...GoRams