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    you guys were right, i admit i was wrong...

    i didnt thing there was any way in the world we would keep both cason and harris. maybe fairs injury is going to keep him out longer than we think, but i am just shocked that we kept cason over goodspeed. i think manu is going to lineup at fullback some. Also, i thought that collins the tight end would get cut before goodspeed.

    Congrats to many of you who felt all along that both harris and cason would make it, i respect all of you more than ever.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: You guys were right, i admit i was wrong...

    No, GC, you weren't 'wrong'. It's just that Coach Martz surprised us.

    I'm very surprised Cason is still in -- was really hoping we'd keep Goodspeed too, to beef up the backfield.

    In fact, the little I saw of Dusty McGrorty, I liked; a hefty runner with (seemingly) an eager readiness and hunger to ram his way in short yardage situations.

    Sorry to see Dusty cut.

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    Re: you guys were right, i admit i was wrong...

    Cason is still not out of the woods. The Rams most likely are still poring over the rest of the NFL's roster cuts and likely will make at least one more addition if not two. With the pickup of Chris Johnson from Green Bay who purportedly has great return skills, Cason may be just a stopgap who may not last until the first regular season game. The fact that Harris suffered a concussion likely has a lot to do with Cason being retained. Once Arlen is fully recovered, it is unlikely that Cason will still be on the roster.

    I have nothing against Cason by the way, I just don't think that the Rams will keep more than three healthy tailbacks on the roster.


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