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    Young Rams Fans are great!

    I just had to tell you guys this. It seems as though the Rams have diehard fans of the future who have a great start already....
    As some of you here know, I am the Lead Engineer at a local hospital. A couple of weeks ago, I was walking down the hall when I saw a man, his wife, and three year old daughter looking for the admissions area. I stopped to help them find thier way, and noticed the little girl was wearing a Rams shirt, a Rams jacket, and Rams earrings. I bent down and asked her if she had a favorite player. She said that she "loved Marc Bulger and Marshall Faulk, but she was liking the new running back Jackson" and also liked "Reverend Ike"...this from a 3 year old!!!! I was talking to her dad, and they just moved here from California, and he said she has liked the Rams since she was born, even though she has a cousin that is on the Raiders practice squad! She even wanted my Rams hat I was wearing. Talk about something that made my day!
    A few nights ago, the family and I went to Wally World (here in Springfield, that team from KC gets 99% of the rack space) and saw everything that had a Chefs logo on it was marked down. Every bit of the Rams merchandise (that I had been looking for all season and they didn't have) was at full price. Knowing that I couldn't get it at a discount didn't matter. My 4-year old, Sami, decided who got what. She said I needed a Bulger jersey, since I was the leader, Mom needed a Faulk jersey, her 11 year old sister needed an Arch jersey, and she wanted Steven Jackson. She settled on a Bulger jersey because they didn't have a Jackson in her size. Yesterday, we had DirecTV hooked up, and the first thing she told me when I got home from work was that she could "watch the Rams on NFL network all year long" in her bedroom. No mention of NickJR, Noggin, or anything else....just the NFL network.
    I don't know about you, but with kids that like the Rams that much, it makes me proud! Sorry I rambled on, but I just had to tell someone.


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    Re: Young Rams Fans are great!

    It's always great to watch the next generation of Rams' fans come along.....I have an 8 year old and a 6 year old who can't wait for today's game to finally start.
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