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Great post. Half this site just doesn't get the fact that the most important thing to happen to this franchise in the last 40 years was getting rid of the blonde air-head, (whose husband # whatever actually scalped Rams SB tickets - can you believe that?!), and stooges #'s 2 and 3.

'99 was lightning in a bottle, (by way of Vermiel and Martz as management had nothing to do with it), and they even managed to completely screw that up. My blood pressure goes up a bit every time I think about those clowns.

Anyway, I'll have to continue to read the drivel from those who I'm fairly certain jumped on in '99, (as part of the instant gratification set), who again, just don't get it, and sigh and/or get po'd, but that's life.

As for the Rams, they're doing it the right way, and I feel better about the team than anytime on the last 30 years.
Thanks for that,VegasRam. I knew I wasn't alone in taking the longview-there are plenty of smart fans here, young & old, who have the imagination & knowledge to take that long view perspective but it's nice to hear it, nonetheless.

The ironic thing is that when the important changes that have already been made start to bear obvious fruit in the form of wins, those screaming for blood now will point to one player or another as the reason, rather than the guys at the top who created the environment in which that player or players could make a difference.

As a side note, It'll be interesting to follow what happens to The Hags with their approach & compare it to The Rams'. Not getting the GM in place before hiring a HC was a huge gaffe, imo. Especially when it's a college HC who is used to having the pick of the nation's high school litter every year & has a rep for being all charisma in one-on-one situations like a job interview & is not, imo, the greatest of coaching talents ( the Hags own version of Limpehan, perhaps). I also think the fact that Carroll wasn't willing to take his lumps after failing as a HC in the NFL & go back to a subordinate level in the pro coaching ranks to continue his own learning process suggests that he won't have the patience, perspective, or intestinal fortitude to get the job done right, either.

I love it ! Now if we could only get Singletary & Whisenhunt out of the picture...lol...

Perhaps Paul Allen should be the poster boy for "the instant gratification set". Not surprising, I suppose, for a guy who became a billionaire largely just for being in the right place at the right time. He may not be quite the fool that our football-clueless showgirl was but he does seem to think that a shiny new toy like Carroll will be the answer without seeing the whole picture.