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    Marshall1 Guest

    Red face Your best sport memory

    I will never forget this game, November 1987. We were playing Carthage NY. Game time weather was nice clear day37 degrees. I was a safty. First quarter they tried to pass the defense tightened up, they scored no problem. Second quarter hmmm weather is moving in, temp dropped like a rock 20 degrees now rain. Hmmm not to bad stop them from passing, they went to a balanced attack, Bill Barlow Carthage running back, 6'3" 245lbs, me 5'7" 145, not scared of him just getting tired of him hitting me. Sleet began great no more passing, all day long Barlow, all damn day long, game tied at half time. We live up in the mountain in NY snow is our freind.
    Come out of locker room 2" of snow on the ground, we turn around and put longer cleets on our feet, now we are ready. Game was tied at 7 a peice and the snow became a BLIZZARD, we had our twelth player, no more passing it's all running myself and Jim Strack out other safty were blitzing ever play we were unstoppable. I had sacked the QB and knocked the ball out of his hands, our Defenseive end Eric Westerfeild 6'3" 260 lbs oh ya he was our running back (coaches in Albany U) picked up the ball for a TD. I ended the game with 12 tackles and 2 sacks. One of the only games I really remember quarter by quarter, hit by hit.

    What a great game :ramlogo:

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    woody1351 Guest

    Re: Your best sport memory

    my best sports moment was when dale sr won the daytona 500. it was awsome, most of the ppl there were just crazy all night. it was the best race ive been to.

    my best rams moment was the first game at busch stadium, bc it was my first game, or when they beat tampa bay in the playoffs to go to the super bowl. the dome was crazy that day

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    maineram Guest

    Re: Your best sport memory

    1987 - My first year in the areas touch football league. We were a new team in the league and were playing the big bad Joe's smoke house, four straight league champions. It was the third game of the year and we were both undefeated. I was starting right cornerback and had their veteran speed guy who was a notorious trash talker. Joe's was a phisical team that pushed the bounderies constantly on offense & defense, but Mr. Mouth had met his match. I just told him, ( when I got a word in ), that he wasn't catching a pass, let alone a TD while I was on the field.
    We won 36-12, and he never came close to catching anything on that day. I had 6 passes defensed, and 2 picks, one for a TD. Mr physical got mugged for four quarters. I also played some wide out and caught 6 passes for 100+ yards and a 45 yard score.
    Mr big mouth actually came up to me after the game and was a real sportsman. "Where'd they find you", was the comment. I took it as a compliment, and told him it was first football game, see ya in week 8.
    I won rookie defenseive player of the year, and a lot was due to that game.
    OK, and that week 8 rematch.

    Rams Superbowl is deffinately a close second.

    Thanx for lisnin

    Maineram - :ramlogo:

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    RammieGirl Guest

    Re: Your best sport memory

    My best sports memory was made and happened thanks to Dez and the members of our board that attended our 1st bash. For me to attend a RAMS home game in St. Louis with me living in Cali was just amazing. I had never, ever seen that many RAM fans in one place and the atmosphere was phenomenal. At one point before the game started I just sat down in front of the stadium and just absorbed the excitement and thrill of everyone and my husband said to me (he knows what a HUGE RAM fan I am) “You are totally overwhelmed and in awe right now, aren’t you?” and you know what? I was!!! What an excellent experience and I hope to do it again someday!

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: Your best sport memory

    When the clock ranout and the Rams won the SuperBowl! :redface:

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    Re: Your best sport memory

    My top 10 moments as a sports spectator (not including my kids' recent flag football games):

    10. USA Olympic Hockey team beats USSR in 1980 Winter Games.
    9. Rams beat Giants in playoffs as Flipper Anderson runs through tunnel.
    8. Miami Heat beat heavily favored Utah in Miami Arena as expansion team.
    7. Rams crush Packers in 2001 playoffs.
    6. Rams beat ***** in 1999 to end losing streak against division rival.
    5. Bjorn Borg beats John McEnroe in 5 set Wimbledon final classic.
    4. Tufts beats Amherst on road and drunk Jumbo fans (yours truly included) tear down their goal post, then get chased off field by their team and sprint to bus.
    3. Rams go to first Super Bowl in 1979.
    2. Cal Ripken breaks consecutive game record and hits home run.
    1. Rams win Super Bowl (what else?).

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Your best sport memory

    The tackle.

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    Re: Your best sport memory

    Being at the Long Beach Arena watching Loyola Marymount, in their first game after Hank Gathers collapsed and died on the court, destroy defending national champion Michigan in the opening round of the 1990 NCAA Tournament. It was by far the most electrically charged sporting event I have ever witnessed, with the local LMU crowd at an absolute fever pitch. Unbelievable sports drama.

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    One of my best sport memories

    Good read. Thanks, Marshall1 (I really enjoyed your anecdote too).

    'The Block', Dec., 1967: LA Coliseum, Rams defeat Vince Lombardi's Packers in a must, next-before-last game of regular season to make playoffs. Click on the 40 sec. audio link below.

    A couple of minutes left in the 4th Qtr, we're behind 24-20. Rams superb D achieves a three and out. Then LB Tony Guillory slices through Green Bay's punt formation to block Donny Anderson's kick, Rams recover ball and gang rush it to GBs 5 yrd line. Huge crowd in pandemonium!

    Two plays later Bernie Casey scores TD from Gabriel pass. Players and fans all jumping up and down, tremendous elation few times ever seen in Rams house.

    We went on to beat the mighty Johnny Unitas and his undeafeted Baltimore Colts big time the following week, last game -- again a must win. Colts were in the same division w/us, produced an identical 11-1-2 record as ours but Rams had the edge.

    Rams finished w/most points scored, fewest allowed in the NFL that year.

    I was 15. Waited over thirty years for 'The Tackle', Super Bowl XXXIV...

    Audio link:
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    Re: Your best sport memory

    The Tackle for pro football
    Sutter striking out Gorman Thomas to win the 1982 World Series for the Cardinals

    the most favorable moment:

    Memphis beating Tennessee and Peyton Manning 21-16 in 1996 at the Liberty Bowl

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: Your best sport memory

    Not really a sports memory,but the start of wide world of sports is always something I'll never forget! The agony of defeat....Oh , that hurt!

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    RammieGirl Guest

    Re: Your best sport memory

    Jorge......Thanks for the audio, I love that kind of excitement, especially when it favors us!!!!

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Your best sport memory

    Rammiegirl your post about going to STL. is the winner for me hard to beat.last game I saw was in 1983 in L.A. we lost to the whiners I think it was 83 might have been 82.
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