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    Re: In Your Opinion, Who Will Be

    Tye Hill
    JASON SMITH, give me a break with that barron noise. You guys are delusional.
    Keenan Burton
    Laurent Robinson
    Antonio Pittman, darby will be cut.

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    Re: In Your Opinion, Who Will Be

    1. Hill
    2. Barron
    3. Robinson
    4. Burton
    5. Pittman (stronger, smarter, and has to do better to keep his job. This could be a career season as a backup for Pittman. Look for him to market himself as a viable option in committee offenses this season. I think we will see 8-12 carriers per game based on Spags hard drive.)
    6. Cogs

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    Re: In Your Opinion, Who Will Be

    1. Brad Fletcher (I think Hill will start off as starter, but Spags will go young and give his guy more starts)

    2. Barron- We will bring Smith along slowly

    3. Burton- He could be a good possesion reciever and is probably the best route running WR we have on our team.

    4. Burton- Slot and number two guy? It is possible. He will just move inside the slot when Robinson comes in the game and plays opposite Avery. His best position may be the slot so if Robinson steps up we will have a good top 3 with shakey depth to say the least

    5. Chris Ogbonaya- IMO could be our second best back. Has gado's size, Darby's hands and blocking skills, along with Pittman's straight line speed. He combines all our backs strengths in a great package

    6. Cogs- Bounce back year playing to his strengths in the run game. If he gets hurt Grecco would probably take over and not look back.

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    Re: In Your Opinion, Who Will Be

    Good point, fleese about Bell not being a lock on the left side. Spagnuolo could go Jumbo on short yardage (just dreaming again). I do hope Greco and Shuening are quality guys and not just chair sitters.

    I'm in Barrons camp on the left side. I've always thought he couldn't hear out of his left ear. IF he blossoms this season, good for him.

    I liked Darby over Pittman, but I hope they get beat out by Obadabo.

    The receivers: I hope Bulger makes them all rich.

    The DBs: Who cares, I'm watching the linebackers. I hope to see them this year.
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