by Damond Talbot

The St. Louis Rams newest running back Zac Stacy is a very hard runner who can do everything. He can catch out the backfield, and shows very good burst. He is a between the tackles running back and has power. He is hard to tackle, and is a north/south runner. Stacy has started all 12 games at running back for the Commodores, putting the finishing touches on the most decorated career ever by a Vanderbilt back. He ended the regular season with 1,034 yards and nine TDs on 182 carries, earning unanimous Second Team All-Southeastern Conference honors. Here is Zacís exclusive interview with NFL Draft Zone.

How many teams were recruiting you coming out of high school and how did you make your decision?

Just a few, had offers from UAB & Memphis, Along with interest from Ole Miss, Clemson, & Auburn. My decision was based on early impact (playing time) as well as academics

Who was your favorite NFL team growing up, and did you have a player you rooted for?

I didnít really have a favorite team/player growing up. I watched more college ball than I did NFL growing up

At your position, how do you break down film, please inform our readers what you look for when breaking down film?

As a RB, itís very essential that you study your opponent tendencies in terms of fronts so that you can get a feel of the running scheme that will be successful for that front, along with studying coverages as well. One thing I did in college was watched cut-ups of blitzes that our opponents ran. Obviously this helped me in terms of pick ups.

Do you consider yourself a quiet leader or an outspoken role model?

I was more so a quiet leader in terms of just leading by example, and going into practices with a blue collar mentality in terms of practicing at a high level. I sort of developed into a vocal leader towards my junior and senior year. Definitely, consider myself a role, my major is education so I was around a lot of kids during college and also did community work as well worked at a summer camp during summers.

If you could take one day back and erase it from your past what day would you erase?

I really donít have a day that I would take back, for the most part I like to learn from mistakes.

Do you have any hobbies, if so tell the world what it is?

Not really, so use of doing FOOTBALL & SCHOOL, I havenít really developed any hobbies. But I did enjoy spending time with family whenever I get a chance.

Who was the toughest player you have ever played against?

Sheldon Richardson from Missouri was a beast. Great competitor and high round draft pick this year.

What is the best accolade/award you have ever received from playing football?

Becoming the All Time Leading Rusher at Vandy

If it was your last meal, what would you eat?


Before the game, what song might I hear on your ipod?

Legendary- Wale

Do you have any pre game rituals?

Every game, after coin toss, I run down to end zone and say a prayer. I do it in honor of my best Cornelius Stabler, friend/teammate who died in 2002.

If you could pick out your biggest weakness what would it be?

Breakaway speed.

If you could compare your play to someone in the NFL, who would it be?

RAY RICE.. very productive back and an excellent receiver out the backfield

What is the most tragic event in your life that has happened and how did you bounce back?

Probably when Cornelius died, I was really hurt from that tragedy. I was young when it happened but the older I got, I realized that he has been with me in spirit every since.

Everyone asks this question but Iím curious to know what will you buy first with your first NFL pay check?

Hahaha, havenít really thought about it, right now Iím just working my tail off to be even considered drafted, but I would probably just save it or buy something for my Mom.

If you could meet one person, dead or alive who would it be and why?

Bernie Mac