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    And so it goes ... sometimes Truth is stranger than Fiction

    Last time. I promise. No more ayahuasca before watching the Rams playing under new coaches for the first time. Itís hard enough separating fact from fiction as it is under yage, but try doing it while watching a mixture of the new Rams with the old ones.

    Five turnovers, three of them interceptions. Not by the Ramsí O, but by their D? Surely not fact, but fiction? The Ramsí O six times in the redzone and zero TDs? Surely not fact, but fiction? A hundred-yard rusher, and it wasnít from Denver? Somebody stop the merry-go-round, Iíve got to get off while this Columbian tea, or as some tribes call it - ďthe vine of the soulĒ is still in my system. What a long strange trip it has started out to be.

    Truly a remarkable defensive turn-around the first week. Witherspoon solidified the middle. Plugged run gaps and coupled that with a diving pass deflection that resulted in the game-saving interception by that Katrina refugee No-FakerHere Brown. Although he seemed to disappear late in the game, Little showed a new found resurgence early on and set the tempo with the sacks and forced-fumble. And the contributions from the newcomers Ė besides Witherspoon and Brown, you had Chavous and Hill with Ints. You had the DBs making solo open-field tackles. With the exception of a few lapses, the run D was pretty stout and the safeties supporting coverage was commendable.

    Now about that O on the other hand. If you took out Jacksonís late game run (and even then he didnít stay in bounds) and Fisherís catch and run that led to the last FG, the only distinguishable thing about it was its absence. Bulgerís throws were so errant that I could Ďuv sworn it was he who was on drugs and all his receivers were distorted in his line of sight. No other way to account for his poor sense of depth or distance or touch most of the game. Yes the O-line lost McCollum early on but he never really stopped too many interior pressures last year so saying Bulger was overly-pressured into his incompetence is a beer-bamboozled statement.

    Bringing in No-FakerHere over from NO has vindicated Haslett so far. Iím afraid it wonít be long before Linehan looks to Frerotte to vindicate Scottís decision to bring in someone he knows also. Iím not convinced that Bulger shouldnít be preppiní his resume to be reunited with sMartz and Furrey over in Motown after his inauspicious audition. But then again, it could just be the ayahuasca talking. Because surely the D, ranked 31st last year, didnít outplay the O, who had, Holt, Bruce, Jackson, Bulger and Pace returning?

    The Rams open with no TDs and a win. I guess sometimes truth IS stranger than fiction. Or at the very least it could be a very long strange trip this season ...
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