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    Cardinals edge winless Rams 34-31

    Scott Linehan likely will not coach many more years if the results continue in 2007. He needs to win now. That is why he brought in veteran free agents such a Drew Bennett and Randy McMichael. The Rams would like to be physical on offense as they are on defense in 2007. Sunday Oct 6th in the Gateway City the former tenants, the Arizona (St. Louis) Cardinals came to town with a former quarterback in Kurt Warner.
    The 2007 Cardinals were coming in to the Dome with a winning streak. And a new era quarterback in Matt Leinart. With the NFC West up for grabs. Coach Whisenhunt brought his pittsburgh style defense and no huddle offense to the dome.
    The Rams on the other hand are just trying to score with any means possible after being scoreless after 32 possessions. Starting 0-4 is just tough, but starting 0-5 would be a complete setback from an 8-8 finish in 2006. The game was exciting to say the least. The unlikely contributors were the previously mentioned free agents.
    The scoring drought ended on a Gus Frerotte to Drew Bennett touchdownin the 2nd Quarter ending the touchdown streak. Amen. With Frerotte at the helm, the Rams seemed more poised and were able to spread the ball. Contributions by McMichael and Holt for touchdowns really impacted the overall effeciency of the offensive gameplan. Brian Leonard was good for 18 for 102. He looked Steven Jackson like early in the 1st quarter.
    Gus Frerotte just looked like he was made for this offense. He did throw for 3 interceptions. But overall he was moving the chains. That is what we have been lacking in the previous weeks. Jeff Wilkins also came back to form going 3 for 3 and a 46 yard field goal. Frerrote's 24 for 43 and 262 yards were very productive, even though the end result was a loss.
    Defensively the Rams played solid with a interception by Fahkir Brown, and the Will Witherspoon pounding of Matt Leinart to injure the collarbone. Contributions by Atogwe, Tinoisamoa and Bartell on solid tackles also played key roles. Except for the endzone mishap on Bartell's part with :07 seconds left before the half, we could be talking about a victory.
    In the 4th quarter, Gus Frerotte started to push for a winning state. His drives were starting to push towards a victory. His throw intended for Bennett in the 4th was intercepted by A. Wilson prevented another probable score. But the passion unseen in the last 4 weeks was great to see alive and well on this sunday. Take back the E. James touchdown call and we would have us a first win in 2007.
    Coach Linehan's challenge was justified, but no justice for the Rams today. His gameplan was better suited for Frerotte at the helm. McMichael and Bennett seemed more available and poised. Whatever it is. Frerotte has brought new life to a team that seemed flat. Get well Marc Bulger, Gus on the job.
    I have been critical of Coach Linehan and his staff for the last four weeks. I have been very negative concerning the offensive weapons not being utilized. But this sunday with Brian Leonard and Gus Frerotte, i was excited to watch this team battle until the end. It was a great feeling to see Torry Holt score.
    As for the podium feedback, Coach Linehan was a lot more calm and even seemed relieved. 34-31 loss was just like week one started for him. He stated," We have to keep working,keep your mind and witts about you."
    He also stated on the opportunities," Offensively we need to play good enough to win, that's score one more than them." I applaud his change of heart towards the press. He seemed satisfied with scoring and the production on all aspects.
    His overall view on the game was to move on to next week He stated," I refuse to change and won't ever change, so we will keep working hard." He added," My responsibility is to do the same, practice what i preach." He was very bold on the state of the team and the season results by exclaiming," We are not satisfied with anything, as far as what we are as a team."
    It has been extremely tough on the fanbase to accept the 0-5 start. I was happy to see our Rams score more than once. So bring on Baltimore.

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    Re: Cardinals edge winless Rams 34-31

    Hi feild goal, just wanted to say good write up. Here's hoping we can keep improving and pull a win out against the Ravens.

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    Re: Cardinals edge winless Rams 34-31

    What a game.A whole different team under Frerotte. It seems Bulger is just too injured to move around. Bennett and McMichael finally produce TD's
    Thanks for the compliment.

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