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    Cards Embarrass Rams 34-20

    So what was there to do after the Rams squandered a chance to make a serious playoff run with a horrible loss to the former Gateway City tenant of 34-20? And a soft-spoken quarterback came out of his shell to voice his discomfort in his teammates.

    Some major rebuilding is needed at the offensive unit. Rookies Rich Incognito and Alex Barron should be embarrassed to be professionals. At this level there are no excuses on execution.
    Marc Bulger came out as any captain should, and questioned his teammates as a whole group. He demanded that these players be held accountable for their lack there of. He stated" I know there's some guys in here who do not care."

    And continued," Some aren't bothered by mistakes." Bulger who went 27 of 45 for 314yards and two touchdowns, also emphasized that "Some players do not care if we win or lose."
    All this venting has stemmed from the lack of consistency.
    Overall bad playcalling in the past seven weeks. The win versus the ***** was probably a stall of frustration. Given this weeks reaction to the loss to the lowly Cardinals and the need for the captain at the helm to call out his teammates publicly was just forthcoming at some point.

    Scott Linehan has seem to have lost control of this team. It takes his quarterback to call out his teammates to improve this team. I thought the coach was the figure head at the top. He added,"If that happens I think the players now can start kind of policing themselves." What? And he also added," I think that's a good thing." What? Again.

    The 2006 Rams have officially been dismantled by turmoil only seen in NFL cities like Arizona, Detroit, Miami, etc. This once quiet hardworking Midwest City has always been under the radar. And now the bold and the beautiful have arrived. Even Torry Holt had something to say," Marc is a captain on this football team, a guy I have tremendous amount of respect for." And Leonard Little echoed the feeling more boldly," If you don't care about this game, you shouldn't be playing this game."

    The bottom-line is that this team and this coaching staff have seem to have parted ways on various aspects of properly running a top notch organization. With all the veterans on both sides of the ball, one would assume more accountability behind closed doors and avoid press releases. Where is Coach Linehan's and Coach Haslett's accountability? Where is the expectation on playcalling, penalties, and overall production? Let me inform all of you where it should be from, the management and coaching staff. Especially the head coach. This team could easily be losers of seven in a row if it wasn't for the *****. Thanks? What am I saying?

    Coach Linehan spoke and somehow did not firmly give us a sense that he will correct these issues of late swiftly. Here are the Coaches views. On Marc Bulger's statement, " Sometimes you've got to get something off your chest. I think everybody can relate in that locker room that we've got to do a lot better than we're doing." And continued, "So I feel good about the fact that guys want to step up and be heard."

    And the promise of a bright future for 2006 was cemented in our minds this Sunday. Coach Linehan ended his Sunday Mass by proclaiming hope and more happiness by stating," Our season is not over. No way are we approaching it that way." And upon that remark, he waved to the dome crowd and exited by comforting all with," You can make the playoffs in this league at 8-8."

    I am about to have a stomach ache for weeks to come.

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    Re: Cards Embarrass Rams 34-20

    I am not comforted with the statement "you can make the playoffs in this league at 8-8". An 8-8 team is not ready to be in the playoffs unless they won their last 8 with authority. The Rams are not ready for the playoffs.

    Marc is stepping up on the offense to become a more vocal leader. Do you think anyone will step up on the defense?

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    Re: Cards Embarrass Rams 34-20

    Marc Bulger is proving to me that he is more of a leader than our rookie head coach is.


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