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    Unhappy Cowboys defeat Rams 35-7

    When an NFL team drops to 0-4, hardcore fans begin to talk about doom and gloom. 0-4 is a sick feeling for any team fanatic, especially Rams fans in 2007. And debate begins on the offseason decisions and acquisitions. Injuries are just part of the sport. But so far no dividends have been given in St. Louis for 2007.

    For the last few weeks, Rams fans have questioned all the coaching schemes and some have been generous enough to beg to differ with all the negative opinions regarding the coaching staff and the weekly gameplanning. As a diehard myself, I have been very critical and somewhat negative with the facts. So much that various Clan members have expressed their dissatisfaction with my point of view.

    Well to those i say, the Dallas game proved once again my negative point. The Dallas game has confirmed that rock bottom is looming. Remember the offseason. We were optimistic about the changes and the feedback from the Rams organization was a story about a potent high powered offensive unit and an improved defensive line and improvement on special teams. A new contract for our future QB Marc Bulger. Veteran leadership to guide the younger players. It was to be a great journey with Coach Linehans second season and even better because he acquire key people he felt worked better in his schemes and gameplan.

    So far we are watching a train wreck. On Sunday in Dallas, the Rams hit an official low point. Not since the nineties, has this franchise looked worse. The Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo just manhandled the Rams 35-7. The offensive woes continue and more injuries on top of that. With Isaac Bruce, Adam Goldberg , and Cory Chavous out.
    The injured riddlled Marc Bulger, who in my opinion should have been benched to heal his ribs. Especially with a healthy Gus Frerotte on the bench. Was just steamrolled defensively by the Dallas defense all day long. Marc Bulger and this Rams offense have now gone 30 consectitive drives without a touchdown.

    It has gotten so bad that our reliable kicker is now questionable since the ***** game. Jeff Wilkins has been known not to miss from under 40 yards and even from 50 yards. But this sunday in Dallas, Jeff missed a 28 yard attempt. Money is no longer automatic.
    Wilkins is now 0-3 since the Bucs game.

    If it wasn't for Dante Hall's punt return for a touchdown, this team would be shutout 2 weeks in a row. We are now officially relying on the special teams to score points. Linehan commented on the continued woes by stating," We played very poorly on offense." And added that he will take the heat for the lack of offense. And continued by stating," I am sick and tired of losing." Hey coach, welcome to my sundays lately.

    With his team injury prone. Why play your wounded QB when you have a healthy backup? Especially in a big game like Dallas. He did not put in Frerotte until the end of the 3rd Quarter. Why? His thought," The game kind of got away from us." Do we not want the best chance to win? A healthy Gus would have at least given us a fighting chance.

    The Haslett defensive unit faded in the second half as expected. They allowed 167 yards in the first half. Given some positives, once again they fought hard and even intercepted a Romo pass. Oshiomogho Atogwe picked off Romo for a positive effort.
    We continue to kill our defense for almost 3 full quarters. They will not survive this pace barring any injuries.

    Dallas and Tony Romo, just rolled in the second half. He just ripped the Rams for 340 yards for a total of 21 points in the final half. In the third quarter Dallas scored on three possessions. The Rams on the other hand were 3-12 in the redzone. Dallas' Patrick Crayton looked like Torry Holt. Crayton caught 7 passes for 184 yards with 2 touchdowns. No T.O. needed on this day.

    The atmosphere at the podium for the post conference was just frustrating and frankly sad. Coach Linehan just came across as angry,agitated , and overall just sick and tired of everybody asking questions. Hey Coach, it's your job to have answers and to address the press. It's your job to justify your teams lack of execution. It's your job to scheme better with injuries. It's your job to be polite to the press. The questions were no different than last week, but the press is asking for what changes and or decisions will be made differently to win. We the fans demanded and they ask.
    So get off tempermental and start being more of a professional, because they are not going away anytime soon. Especially at 0-4.

    I went to church on Saturday praying for a turnaround. So i guess this Sunday was about prayer. We Rams fans prayed for a better outcome. We prayed for Issac's prediction. We prayed for touchdowns. We prayed for a more consistent gameplan. We prayed for no more injuries. But in return this Sunday, we received a blowout like a flat tire.

    Prayer doesn't always work. But prayer is all we fans have left in 2007. We pray for our Rams.

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    Re: Cowboys defeat Rams 35-7

    Prayers are not always answered and yours obviously weren't this weekend.

    Nice write up man. You are right about the Coach. He needs to talk to the press and keep it professional.

    I had never heard of Patrick Crayton before this game, but he was important in this game. The Cowboys spread it out and used many players to get this win.

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    Re: Cowboys defeat Rams 35-7

    Good post Field goal, I haven't felt this frustrated and bummed out since the 90's Rams, with the annoying D.Stubblefield calling us "same ol expletive rams".

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