Despite back to back NFC West
Championships, a failure in their Super Bowl
appearance last season. Things have certainly
changed in the Northwest. The Seahawks were
stunned to lose MVP Shaun Alexander.
So they're are starting over much like the Steelers.
It seems odd to think that this is a team that
was favored just five weeks into the season.
The game versus the Bears was just horrendous.
And lucky for Matt Hasselback he is still alive.
Despite being a prolific passer in the NFL,
Hasselback has come back to earth quickly.
And his offensive line is just not a competitive
group. They proved their weakness against the
Bears. The offensive line seems to be restructured
and the emphasis on the running game is now
in a critical state.
The rude awakening has come early and fast for
the top dogs from last year. Mike Holmgren now has
to somehow figure out how his team is going to
get through the next few weeks until Alexander
returns. It is looking like he will be not the
running back of old especially with the foot
The trouble for the Seahawks is a must win
in order to make a run at the playoffs.
For the St. Louis Rams and their new coach,
it's about a new era in the Gateway City. Mike
Martz is no longer the mad scientist with his
persistent gameplans. And Scott Linehan is now
the man at the helm. A new day dawns. Same
old Rams but new coaches. Rivals become mentors
and mentors become teachers for the up and
coming talent. Jim Haslett is still hoping for
a huge impact, so he can prove to everyone
he can still coach in this league.
Five weeks into the season and this Rams team
with the New Era Coach have a unexpected record
of 4-1. The idea at the start of the season was to
wait and see who this coach is. The questions are
still lingering. And the overall consensus is that
this team has no identity.
The veteran Rams seem to be offensive minded and
defensive minded but overall confused. So coming
into this match up against the Seahawks, it's only
fitting that both teams have not been that
The Rams defensively have improved but the
offensive group has not been impressive with
all the veteran talent available. Granted the
running game has been consistent and Jackson
is a leading candidate in the running game. The
fire power has been lacking even with all the
veteran talent . This coach is lacking a true game
plan with a firecracker bang. Given all that
perspective this team still lost to the *****.
And beat Denver.
This Sunday versus the Seahawks will be a big
test for both parties. For the Seahawks it's about
survival, and for the Rams it's about identity.
Can these Rams show us what their identity will
be for the 2006 season?
5-1 sounds awesome but are we really fooling
ourselves? Or is this coach going to keep us
biting our nails in the 4th quarter?
The Field Goal
Oscar F Lopez