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    The Field Goal: Rams Release Holt & Pace Focus on Future

    A new coach and organizational changes plus the reality of the salary
    cap has finally forced the St. Louis Rams to cut ties with the last remnants
    of the Greatest Show on Turf. When the Rams decided to trim the salary
    cap it was a no brainer. The casualties were to be the high paid players
    from the storied past. Torry Holt and Orlando Pace were on the hitlist.

    It was no surprise to anyone who follows the salary cap game that
    there is no loyalty in sports. When a player has past his prime he has
    only a handful of options. Retirement, pay cut , and or explore other
    venues of success. Rumors ran rampant about Torry Holt's desires to
    be traded as mentioned in the local paper and on the vast media outlets.
    Some had mentioned that he no longer was happy in St Louis especially
    the last past seasons. He saw the writing on the wall when Isaac Bruce
    left. He was now the next to be lined up on the cap casualty list.

    With the hiring of Steve Spagnoulo as head coach. It was apparent that
    his plans did not include Holt. St Louis football was to be changed and
    new blood was to be infused. A storied past was now just that. Chip
    Rosenbloom released his statement by letting everyone know that Torry
    Holt will be missed. He stated," The Rams will forever be grateful for the
    way Torry Holt represented the Rams on the field and in the community."
    He added," This is a difficult decision because Torry has meant so much
    to the organization." A team and a forgotten dream now separated.

    When we talk about Torry Holt, only good things come about. Some
    will question his actions the last couple seasons. But injuries will play
    a huge factor on the declining productivity. And new systems will also
    affect the overall output of a players potential. All i can say is that he
    will be missed and the Rams fan base will be sad for seasons to come.
    His 7 pro bowls, 869 receptions, 74 touchdowns, 8 seasons of
    1000 yards receiving and ranked 11th in franchise history puts him in an
    elite class in Rams history. Torry Holt only missed two games his entire
    career. That's durability in my book. And his magical catches will be
    remembered even more. His fire was a great asset and his never say
    never attitude when crunch time was apparent in key games.

    In the case of Orlando Pace, the change was necessary. His health
    concerns with knee injuries were the major factor for the cap hit.
    I can not fault the Rams for wanting to part ways. But let's just
    remember that Pace gave us his hard work for many seasons and he
    was a true draft gift when you consider all the others that have been
    with the team and are knowwhere to be found. His 7 pro bowls and the
    anchor for the teams 1999-2000 success are a credit to his durability.
    Pace was a key blocker for NFL MVP players the likes of Kurt Warner
    and Marshall Faulk. He also started in 158 games and only missed
    4 games in that span.

    Chip Rosenbloom stated," I can't begin to thank Orlando for all
    he has meant to the Rams organization." He added," It is never easy to
    end a relationship that has had as much success as ours, but in the
    best interest of Orlando and the Rams, we feel now is the right time.

    The Rams now have major patches to fill on offense and that will mean
    the draft is more critical this year than in the past seasons. Donnie Avery,
    Keenan Burton, and Derek Stanley have the spotlight now on the new era
    in Rams history. Lots of options. And who will surface to be the go to guy of
    the new Rams receiving corps? Or will we see the start of the carousel
    groups with future drafts. The team did aggressively pursue the free agency
    market. Bringing in so called proven players like FB Mike Karney, SS James
    Butler, and Center Jason Brown. Once again the price tag is the question
    mark. Our past successes and track record do not allow us to believe that
    these players will make a huge impact. Lots of money and no return.

    Imagine what Marc Bulger is feeling? Ambulance on call. Hey, it will be
    different in many ways. But new blood is not always bad. Wake him up
    Pinch me now. It's almost like the logo transition, a little weird but we
    got over it and finally embraced it. Maybe not.

    As staples in the Rams offensive unit for a long time, these pros will be
    missed for their commitments. We cannot say that for the current group
    the past couple seasons. Torry Holt and Orlando Pace will forever be
    remembered with the likes of Deacon Jones, Bob Waterfield, Merlin Olsen,
    Jim Everett, Marshall Faulk, Eric Dickerson , and Kurt Warner. The Rams
    Ring of Honor will someday have their numbers remembered.

    Unlike many NFL teams, the Rams team isn't about limits. It's about the
    flexibility and the pursue of a championship. So it's the nature of the
    business that dictates the release of players we truly have embraced as
    family with our love for our Rams team(s).

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    Philly Ram fan Guest

    Re: The Field Goal: Rams Release Holt & Pace Focus on Future

    I just have to add, with the west coast offence that schumer had with the eagles wasnt high powered with top notch recievers. But it still worked, with a very skilled running back and a good o-line. Jackson has his work cut out for him!

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    Re: The Field Goal: Rams Release Holt & Pace Focus on Future

    I think the offensive scheme will be more similar to philly but look at westbrook and his durability and injuries. It seems it is a grind for running backs. I know westbrook is a good to excellent back but he has been the hit guy in terms of contact. It is similar to Bulger being assaulted.
    Hopefully with better protection and better offensive blocking this will prevent Jackson from getting contact hits that would cause him to lose games. He has been injury prone as we speak in the past. Adding a FB will hopefully lessen the workload.

    Spag needs to set the foundation but offensively we will be a young crew with good upside.

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    Re: The Field Goal: Rams Release Holt & Pace Focus on Future

    The real question is whether Jackson will even finish a season without injuries concerns.
    I know he is a huge kid but let's face it he has not impressed in terms of durability. He needs more protection blocks and then he is explosive. He just does not create to make huge gains. He needs others to create.
    Hopefully this coaching staff will implement a better scheme for him to be a more successful back in this league.

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