If anyone thought the sky had fallen on the St.Louis Rams after Mike Martz was let go in 2005, think again.
As soon as Martz's was let go, the hunt was on to replace the coach. After the soap-0pera ofthe front office fiasco involving all parties was over, the Rams brought in former Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.
Like many of his teammates, Torry Holt did not care for the front office fiasco and when about his business as professional. The former North Carolina State Alumni was more focused on winning and less focus on distractions.
The numbers prove that he is a Big Game player. He does not care for the attention that other players of his caliber get. He simply performs weekly and tries to give his team an edge. Week 6 of this 2006 season was another fantastic performance.
With nearly no chance of a combat, Torry Holt just took the game over and made thegame interesting.
His 102 receptions and 1331 yards were just oustanding on 2005. And halfway in the 2006 season,Holt has already amassed 526 yards and seven touchdown catches.This team needs playmakers like Torry Holt. With the new offense still being implemented and Coach Linehan supporting the running game with Steven Jackson. Torry Holt seems to still be the go to guy even though the Rams have Isaac Bruce as well on the other side.
The impact that Torry Holt has had on the Rams winning this season has been oustanding. Starting with the wins versus Denver,Arizona, and Detroit.
And you can make the argument that those teams are not the best cases, but he did make a large contribution to the overall victories. His overall contribution is 7 receptions for 100 yards on average.
Big Game is so fitting for this exceptional player. The Rams offensively are struggling to get him the ball more often. By design it seems that Coach Linehan is sticking to the running game and abandoning the passing game that Mike Martz left behind. The team is the same team with the explosive weapons in Bruce and Torry Holt. If only Coach Linehan could figure out or find the Martz playbook left behind that included the title "Greatest Show on Turf".
By incorporating the passing game more so with the running game as a secondary option. Maybe this Dynamic Duo of Bruce and Holt will be able to put away some teams in the second portion of the season after the bye week.
With the new era in full swing, Torry Holt seems to be having fun adjusting. It is a case of what role he is going to play in the second half to help the Rams succeed and make the playoff push. In my opinion, Torry Holt is already playing the role well. And seems to be overlooked by the national media. Yes he is no Terrell Owens,Chad Johnson, or Randy Moss. But overall Torry Holt surpasses them all in terms of maturity and consistent play. He is the playmaker, and "Big Game" is truly his claim. And a true Superstar just puts on the cape and goes to work every outing and tries to contribute quietly and productively.
And the so a new era begins. Linehan's first season has been interesting and overall a challenge. As for the veterans like Torry Holt, Big Game is already on a roll.