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    Rams edged by Browns Offense 27-20

    When it comes right down to it the immediate future of the 2007 St. Louis Rams probably depends on the front office. We have for weeks started to question all the normal stuff. Reliability and overall effort. This week eight,the Rams came out energized and seem ready to capture the first win of the season at the Dome.
    But life and Murphy's Law are two different things all together. The St Louis Rams cannot seem to find the solution to overcome the injury bug and cannot seem to be able to sustain leads even when it is a two touchdown lead. The Rams made waves in the first quarter with explosive fireworks early. Bulger to Holt and Bulger to Jackson just seemed like old times and watch out Cleveland because we are back and we are alive. Too good to be true. A dream that was going well. A great feeling. 14- 3 Rams in the first quarter in the 2007 season. This was the moment.
    Wearing my old school jersey number 29. I was happy and with fellow Clanrammers, we were all surprised and elated. The Rams made waves with utilizing the weapons acquired this offseason. The likes of Drew Bennett and Randy McMicheal showed signs and contributed to small yardage early to help the Rams jump out early on the Browns overall rated 32nd defense.
    So far after eight weeks this team has no wins. A franchise worst ever start in 70 years of Rams football. The result is this is officially a disaster season. It has been a M*A*S*H unit. But injuries aside the overall plays and execution have been less than stellar. I know the offensive line is the key to offensive scoring. But other teams have the same concerns and they overcome. So it falls back to the personel and coaching on how determined and disciplined they are to really get on a winning streak.
    Sitting at the Dome on Oct 28 versus the Browns. I began to question the real test of a fan. How long can this pain last ? It has become worst than a winter cold. We cannot seem to shake this monkey. A Browns victory of 27-20?
    Derek Anderson looked liked Tom Brady in the second quarter. He began using Jamal Lewis and his offensive targets like bullets. Beginning with Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow,JR. He seemed confident enough to bring his team back to tie the score quickly before the half. By using his alloted weapons Derek Anderson showed all of us this day, that he can dismantle a defensive unit. He achieved this feat over three quarters. Some of you will say we played well enough to loose. But the bottomline is the Browns wanted it more badly. They showed it and proved it when it counted.
    Braylon Edwards is a real talent and he just took over the game. It was impressive and overall shocking.
    Braylon Edwards schooled Farkir Brown all day long, like a 6th grader beating a 4th grader. The match up was not a good fit overall. But the coaches did not see that.
    No competition.
    Defensively the Rams had Will Weatherspoon. He was a mad man for a couple stops in the second half. The defense held off the Browns until they got angry and started the fireworks. The lack of a running game and the overall 3rd down playcalling by the coaching staff killed our effort to win on this day. The 4th and one calls were just mind blowing. To think a running back alone can penetrate an eight man front was just horrible coaching. I am not a coach but it was hard to observe. Poor Brian Leonard.
    Not since 1962 when this franchise was 0-6, has this franchise with it's storied history hit such an embarrassing low. We Rams fans are diehards. The current Rams fans in the Gateway City have not experienced this nor have the old LA Rams fans.
    We have Rams fans wearing paperbags over their heads to show the disgrace and the over shamefulness over this horrible nightmare. A la the Saints. What are they next on our schedule? How fitting.
    Oh, sure, there is still 8 more games to be played. Unfortunately, the Rams do not seem to have faith on their side, or lady luck. The campaign was " I Believe" , well the campaign is no longer believable. The Rams are now officially a bad team to watch. The City of St. Louis is a winning city. Just ask the Blues. If you do not win, you are forgotten and that is an afterthought when their is college football and hockey.
    Maybe this team can take the NHL Blues' campaign "Whatever it takes".
    The Rams basic problem is simple. Score more points than the opponent. And contain defensively. The Browns game proved once again this team and this coaching staff have no killer instinct. They allowed the Browns to comeback strong and defensively they could not match up to the beefy front of the Browns.
    If we take anything away from this game and week eight. It will be that the Rams had a pulse for almost 3 quarters that resembled an NFL quality squad.
    I feel bad for the team and coaches. But feeling bad is overrated. Coach Linehan was just been a class act regarding his play calls. He knows as he stated in his post game reaction," I know lots of people are pulling for us too." And added , " We left a lot of effort on the field." And finished by stating," Tied at halftime we did not make enough plays." Should i make another negative remark. No i will not. I will wait and see how the second season begins and then reassess this coach. He will have time to heal his staff and then he will show us the victories finally. Hey!!!!. Who pinched me?
    Were 0-8 still? What a nightware.
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    Re: Rams edged by Browns Offense 27-20

    Maybe there is a "groundhog" running around that stadium.

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