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    Rams woes continue Bucs win 24-3

    The Law of Supply and Demand. We started the year with the open mind of how this
    franchise would be explosive like Donavan McNabb in week 3 and like Jeff Garcia in Tampa Bay. Well, we just do not have much expectations left after 3 weeks of this
    NFL season. 0-3 and no hope in sight. And a 24-3 loss.
    I heard everyone talking before the regular season of all the possibilities with this
    high powered offense and the additions to Coach Linehan's arsenal of weapons in
    acquiring Drew Bennett and Randy McMichael.
    Let's recall the Linehan resume in Minnesota 2002-2004 ( Duante Culpepper). Minnesota ranked second, first and fourth in total offense. Today 10.7 average
    ranked currently 29th out of 32 teams with NFL caliber personel. And let's not forget
    the wonderful drives this weekend in Tampa. Bulger was just horrid for the being the
    QB this franchise has to date. Averaging 2-4 yard passes and more short passes
    that are incomplete to receivers. 3 interceptions. Our running game is just no different.
    Everyone will probably wonder why focus on the negative and not look for more
    positive aspects.

    The positive aspect of the Tampa game is that for most of the game our defensive
    personel carried this teams offensive woes. We might as well have Rex Grossman
    palying for us. Because the end result is similar today. As for the explanation for
    the results our Coach explained that this team is working hard with no dividends
    of hard work to show for it. Sounds to me like excuses as a professional.
    He followed by stating "May not look like it". Well Coach we feel sorry for you
    too. Better finishes is the expectation. When? We have not won a game yet.
    And he acknowledged to everyone that "It feels as lousy as any loss".

    Thanks to this coaching staff on offense we have a responds from our leader,
    Steven Jackson "You have to show character now". And he added, "While I am in
    this team. I am going to make sure no one quits and we are going to fight".
    What !!!! Quit!!! This early in the season. We have serious morale and gameplan
    concerns. Quitting should not be mentioned. And by the way as i write this
    column our leader is not playing for the Dallas game out with partial groin tear.
    Can we say quit already?

    Thank you Jeff Wilkins. Coach Linehan's special weapon weekly. I just feel horrible
    for Jeff. Since the 56 yard miss. He has now missed from 42 and 43 yards. It looks
    to me that Jeff has also quit by lacking confidence. He is the true warrior that we
    Rams fans can count on for points scored. And now Jeff is even questionable.
    Thanks Jeff for preventing the shutout.

    So as i stated before the law of supply and demand. We supply the feedback and
    we demand this coaching staff to deliver results. The end result should be wins.
    But our coach assessed the Tampa game with hope of supplying us with positive feedback by stating,"They (Bucs) were able to execute what they wanted to do,
    especially in the 4th quarter." Defensively the Coach sounded saddened that the
    defensive unit could not keep us in the game for 4 quarters by stating," The second
    half we wore down." You think a little tired of carrying the offense.

    I am a diehard like the rest of us. But change is needed before we lose others
    to more injuries and lose more games. This Coach is a bandaid to a bleeding wound
    that is not healing. Given his podium pr work. He seems angry at the world and
    frustrated overall at his results. I will give him credit for being a good offensive
    minded coordinator but as a Coach so far. A huge mistake by John Shaw and
    Jay Zygmunt. Gentleman sorry to say. The hiring has been a bad decision.
    Stan Kroenke can you hear me. Help is the word for 2007. No fireworks spells doom.

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    Re: Rams woes continue Bucs win 24-3

    Who in the hell let's you post this crap?

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    Re: Rams woes continue Bucs win 24-3

    Quote Originally Posted by mikhal5569 View Post
    Who in the hell let's you post this crap?
    He is an approved writer at the Clan. Yes it is a negative article and that is allowed. We all don't have to think positve in bad times.

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    Re: Rams woes continue Bucs win 24-3

    Hi Mikhal,
    I am only stating the facts. We are in a situation where the negatives are overwhelmin the positives. Just look at the games so far. Ou defense has carried us for the last 3 weeks mostly on heart and guts.
    Offfensively we stink. If it's crap to you then i am sorry i strung a cord with your team pride.
    I am diehard but these decisions on sundays are just not good.
    High school football is a better view than our offensive woes.
    The coordinator is not utilizing his TE for blocking schemes and in other ways to help the patch up offensive line.

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    Re: Rams woes continue Bucs win 24-3

    Quote Originally Posted by mikhal5569 View Post
    Who in the hell let's you post this crap?
    What he said.

    Flail away at Linehan all you want, but the fact remains, (even with the horrible rash of injuries and suspensions), we are sill 4 incredibly uncharacteristic fumbles away from being 2-1.

    (Edit - forgot the two missed field goals. Has Wilkins EVER missed inside 45 yards?)

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    Re: Rams woes continue Bucs win 24-3

    Hey I understand the injuries are a factor but he still has key weapons and acquisitions that are being under utilized by the Offensive Coordinator. The TE's and RB can be used in blocking schemes to give Marc more time to throw to receivers.
    But it seems that this coach is not allowing for such a method as i have described.
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