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    Ravens Defense beats the Rams 22-3

    To be a St. Louis Rams fan is to be disappointed. The woeful Rams in 2007 have been outscored 159-73. Not since the 1962 season, when they were known as the Los Angeles Rams. Has this franchise hit a low point. Where are the leaders? The fired up players with a passion to win? Injuries are just the facts. Injuries also happened in 1962.
    But at least they had an excuse , they played in a tough era and division. This time the excuses are harder to accept. For the NFC West followers, the most disturbing news is that all the teams are somewhat horrible.No clear cut team with a dominant push to win now.
    Oh sure, there is the starting high prized quarterback with rib injuries. The swarm of injuries that has decimated the offense line. NFL Fact#1. The coach that refuses to change. And a backup quarterback that is no better with a makeshift line. But in the end after six weeks the Rams are confirmed a bad team. The facts are they are the worst team in the NFC.
    The Rams first priority is to get to the bye week. Priority number two get a win soon.
    The Rams' basic problem is simple: The name of the game is score more points than the opponent, and they can't do it. Take away all the Wilkin points and this team might be the worst group of players in franchise history. Fact injuries are part of the game.
    Even with a decent defense, that's not enough to win. The 8-8 finish in 2006 is memory forgotten. The assessment so far after the Ravens destruction, the Rams go into the 2007 season with almost the same cast, get off to a bad start and it looks like they will not recover anytime soon.
    Baltimore made the most of Sunday's contest. Displaying defensive power at will, causing Frerotte to throw six interceptions. Frerotte forced throws by a depleted injury prone offensive line that could not contain the Ravens defense. Frerotte had career highs in interceptions. This was the Ravens most lopsided win in 2007. Terrel Suggs of the Ravens stated after the game," We knew they were wounded." and added, "We smelled blood and we went aftr it." Suggs recorded 4 sacks. Frerotte responded by confirming the statement, " It was a long day. It's a real tough situation right now."
    For the Rams, the mood was frustrating and it started to sound like the coach has bled the cancer to the players. TE Randy McMichael ( 2 for 29yds) stated," It's pathetic , and anybody that doesn't feel so, they're fooling themselves." He added," We weren't able to give our defense a hand." Coach Linehan acknowledge the embarrassment by stating," They are a great defense and we found that out first hand."
    At least the Rams have a decent defense. But the question is for how much longer.
    Leonard Little was injured in the Ravens game. Burn out will kill whatever life they have left this season. No defense can survive a season playing with no offensive help. Let's thank our kicker for his return to form and his continued contribution.
    Bulger's status is up in the air. Probable for the Seattle game. He still looks hurt , to manage the offense. Jackson is in no better shape and given T. Minor and B. Leonard's performance on Sunday. It is not a hopeful feeling. This coach now is officially on the hot seat.
    If a football fan were looking for the blandest team possible, he would not have to go far but the NFC West Division and the Rams. Not since the horrible 1990's in Los Angeles has this team been unwatchable. Currently they are a model of a franchise gone to seed. 0-6 for the second time in franchise history. Not a stat to have as a coach.
    So the past will tell us a positive. We usually do not hit a low point. But the reality in 2007 is that we have hit rock bottom. An embarrassment as an organization and it seems the current team is missing leadership. Seattle is a tough place. We have won there before and Bulger has had good outings there. So there is my hoping for a win on sunday in Seattle.
    Pray Rams fans for the win in Seattle.

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    curleyski Guest

    Cool Re: Ravens Defense beats the Rams 22-3

    very well put. this rams team is starting to make the 90's rams look good, can we get henry ellard to suit up?? is steven jackson going to play sunday? we need every single player available as well as every break a team on the ropes can get. i too will hope for a win sunday, i do believe it cures alot of things. injuries are part of the game but i have never seen so MANY hit a team all at once and to so many key players too. the nfc west doesn't even have a clear cut dominating team so even though we are 0-6 right now, i will PRAY that we win the next 10 in a row and go 10-6! enough of us making 3rd string players look like hall of famers!!:l

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    blood85 Guest

    Re: Ravens Defense beats the Rams 22-3

    We are not going to win on Sunday. We are a lifeless, gutless team.It starts at the top. Makes one wonder if anyone even has a "heartbeat" up there. I mean does the FO even care of the pathetic product on the field?? Then there is the OC,converted "coach". Where is his fire, passion,disgust, Anger??Come on Linehan, you can show a little more emotion. Dick Vermiel cried, big deal. At least the guy showed emotion. Linehan, is more boring than rock. The return of the 90's Lambs is official. Maybe they should take a page out of Fresno State's coach Hill. He stripped the Team of the Bulldog logo on their helmet until they showed some pride and played better. That is College football. This is the Pros, Maybe the Rams Need to be stripped of their Horns.
    An Angry Fan

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    Re: Ravens Defense beats the Rams 22-3

    Well said, Blood85.

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    Re: Ravens Defense beats the Rams 22-3

    I was recently told i was to negative. But as a writer it's my job to report what i feel and see. I see no positives anytime soon.
    Working hard and all the other things the coach preaches doesnot satisfy the winning hunger.
    I know they are trying and working hard. But the gameplanning is now in question. Maybe we should call Bill Cowher and or Marty ball to help us.
    With Marty at least we would be disappointed in the playoffs and not like this.

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