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    TheFieldGoal:Haslett's Grip is Lost-Rams in Disaster Mode

    You can call it the Linehan Plan. You can call it the Haslett Repair Plan.
    Whatever you want to call it, it's not working in the Gateway City. Players
    have officially gone on hiatus and are showing their early departure from
    the Gateway City. The Rams have been outscored and embarassed this
    season 159 to 47. Not to mention 99-10 in the last three outings.

    The coaching change was not the answer or the so called solution to the
    disaster that is the ownership, GM , and the team.
    Chip Rosenbloom is now officially trying to sell the team to local investors.

    Back to football, as hard as it pains us. Quarterback once was the position
    of stability for this team. Marc Bulger was to be the player around whom the
    offense, if not the Rams, were to be built for the future. He was to be the
    Rams most recognizable and enduring figure with a huge contract extention.
    He was to be the franchise for the Rams.

    Marc Bulger has improved considerably at reading defenses in his last past
    seasons. But staying upright and safe have been a huge obstacle. It's like
    an all out blitz on every down. The Rams have since fallen to pieces and
    the team needs better personel to pickup the pieces.

    In the absence of a strong offensive line the QB play suffers and coaches
    turned to the running game.
    In the Rams case neither is supplemetal insurance with Steven Jackson
    really not committed since training camp.
    Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson were suppose to be the foundation but
    in their defense of lack of a defense and offensive support. Steven Jackson
    is one guy only and he cannot do it alone not even with his talent level.

    It's like a freightliner with no powerburst and the team is more like driving a
    standard pickup truck. We were hoping for Jackson to be the next coming
    of Marshall Faulk. When building a competitive team the common denominator
    is excellent defense,tackling, and protection. That's how the Vermeil/Martz
    team built a Super Bowl champion and contender back in the early 2000's.

    The signal that reverse gear was placed on the freightliner was when
    Mike Martz was ousted and Linehan was hired.Some will say enough with
    the Martz wishful thoughts but facts are facts and he did put out an
    exciting brand of football worth paying for and worth rooting for. And
    a couple NFC Division titles during his tenure as Head Coach and Offensive
    Coordinator. The Rams are a team that fell to pieces and the team now more
    than ever is in need of strong glue.

    So, while some were surprised, few of us were shocked when owner Chip
    Rosenbloom fired Scott Linehan as coach and replaced him with Jim
    Haslett. Haslett who had a poor team output defensively. But what other
    choice for a band aid was there?

    Haslett's job quickly was replaced by reality when the new interim coach
    set about trying to correct all that had gone wrong since Linehan. He did
    although get the team back into a good winning streak against solid teams
    in the NFC with surprising wins. Especially the Dallas upset at home.

    Forget that stuff now. The rebuilding program is now officially in full swing.
    2009/2010 is now the start of long seasons to come. The point is that
    this once proud franchise with stable ownership and organizational stability
    and huge fan fare in the Gateway City is now mediocre at best. We are
    officially in the same class as the Browns,Bengals,Lions,Chiefs, and Raiders.
    And with the current recession or depression looming economically. The
    Rams need new ownership badly to start the rebuilding process.

    No beacon or bonfire, no glow to show that the current ownership cares
    about leading this franchise in the right direction.The Rams after a 16-12
    loss to the Dolphins at home seemed ok with their season MVP scoring all
    their points. The best free agent pick up to date. Great job Jay Zygmunt.
    Josh Brown the MVP of this season can at least be counted on to score.
    At home we were all saying ,"Here we go again" but who could blame us
    for our skepticism. Haslett's record 2-6 while anemic, has officially
    put us next to the company of Seahawks. Go figure this season.

    For three seasons, Scott Linehan was to rebuild and reshape the Rams.
    Rebuild? The Rams after this season are now forced to restructure and
    clean house with an aggressive draft mode and free agency. Pick from
    the Taxi Squad, what do we have to lose? I hope Devaney helps us in
    the draft and makes a huge impact on both sides of the ball.

    The draft is our only hope that will allow us to heal this bleeding wound.
    We are now officially on lifesupport. It's sad that a once proud fanbase
    and franchise is relegated to the likes of the Browns,Bengals,Lions
    and Raiders. It just gives me heartburn weekly. And Haslett will be
    gone given the current frustration. He has officially as of the Miami
    game, has come to the realization that this team doesn't care to win.

    I am riding the rest of the season with no real anticipation for wins.
    But they might surprise us all. Yea right?
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