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    SB XIV (Attitude = Youngblood)

    Posted May 27, 2002

    The date January 20,1980,I will always remember as a day that was very special. As a kid from Southern california, the Rams were the team. Just the thought of the Rams being in the Super Bowl against the Steelers was awesome.

    SB XIV Attitude= Youngblood
    by Oscar F Lopez

    The date January 20,1980,I will always remember as a day that was very special. As a kid from Southern california, the Rams were the team. Just the thought of the Rams being in the Super Bowl against the Steelers was awesome.

    Few people thought that after three quarters,the Rams would still be in the game against the Steelers. The Steelers led by all pro QB Terry Bradshaw. And two of the best wide receivers in football at the time, John Stallworth and Lynn Swann. And how can I forget their defense, led by "Mean" Joe Green, Jack Lambert, and Mel Blount.

    But the bottom line was that they knew how to win the big games. The Rams every year since the beginning of the seventies had good teams, but always fell short in the playoffs. The Rams always found ways to be weak when crunch time arrived. In this season the Rams'regular record made it look that way.

    The Rams only won nine games and lost seven. The Rams finished first in a soft division. For a contending Super Bowl team they had sufferred through an unhappy year. An owners death,custody of the team issues, front office turmoil, and thirteen players were out of action all year long. That really hurt.

    And to top it off our main QB Pat Haden was lost for the year. So the world gave the Rams no chance at all. And now it was up to Vince Ferragamo and Ray Malavasi to prove the world wrong. So it was surprising to see the Rams leading after three quarters 19-17. The Rams had brought attitude to the Super Bowl.

    This game I remember because of one man. That man was Jack Youngblood. Jack wasn't healthy. He was playing with pain. I loved Jack's comments "You know, there are people bad mouthing us, saying that we are lucky, that we shouldn't be here, that we're not worthy of the opponent."Well, we are worthy. And we're going to prove it against the Steelers."
    Even though the game had been played with attitude and intensity. I felt as a fan that the Rams gave it their all. The Rams proved in Super Bowl XIV that world champions can be brought to the brink of defeat. The Rams earned respect and played admirably. It was a wonderful showing in front of 103.985 in Pasadena. And in Jack Youngblood's words "We are worthy. And We're going to prove it against the Steelers." You truly did Jack.
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    Re: TheFieldGoal:Memories SBXIV-Youngblood

    I'll never forget that game. I can remember thinking how awesome it was to be going to our 1st Superbowl. But then knowing our opponents were the Pittsburgh Steelers I was nervous. Nervous that we were going to get blown-out!!! Nervous that my team was going to get embarrassed in their 1st trip to the big dance.

    For 3 quarters we gave the Steelers more than they or anyone expected. Yeah, we lost the game in the 4th quarter but I held my head high. I was so proud of that team and so proud to be RAMS fan even though we lost.

    I can honestly say it's one of the very few times I can look back and actually enjoy a loss.

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    Re: TheFieldGoal:Memories SBXIV-Youngblood

    I still watch the highlites every year.

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    Re: TheFieldGoal:Memories SBXIV-Youngblood

    It was the thought of being in the Super Bowl and knowing that your team was the contending team. The Steelers were the real deal and to have them compete the way they did was a sad and great day if it makes sense. A feeling of joy and of unhappiness.
    But the Rams were just one quarter shy of an upset. If we could have pulled it off against the machine that Bradshaw guided.
    Still to this day i enjoy the replay of the game and it gives me chills to know what could have happened. But my Rams were in the Super Bowl in my backyard.

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    Re: TheFieldGoal:Memories SBXIV-Youngblood

    We had them beat, they were just better. I will never forget that game. No shame in losing to , in my opinion, the greatest team ever, the 70's Steelers.

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    Re: TheFieldGoal:Memories SBXIV-Youngblood

    It was a great day to admire the talents of many great hall of famers. I like the fact that Jack is being honored with the Reebok retro t shirt. It shows just how impactful he truly was back in his day. Number 85 is someone special and a true superstar. I got my gear when it came out and i wear it whenever possible. People on the street ask me who the hell is Jack Youngblood. I respond with one of the toughest ever to play pro football. 85 is a winner and that game and comments prove to us that he was not scared of the Steelers.

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    Re: TheFieldGoal:Memories SBXIV-Youngblood

    Your right about that, a fierce competitor and one of the greatest DE's ever.

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    Re: TheFieldGoal:Memories SBXIV-Youngblood

    I remember that game all too well myself. We almost had it didn't we! I had a feeling before the game though that Pittsburgh would do it. We gave a good fight!
    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood

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