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    2011 Rams Cheerleaders! ;o)

    50 Finalists Make it Through to the Pageant

    Congratulations to the 2011 St. Louis Rams Cheerleader Finalists. A mandatory rehearsal is scheduled for all finalists on Tuesday, March 29th at 7:00pm at the Russell Training Center. Attire remains the same as the preliminary round. Preliminary numbers should be worn, as well. On Tuesday evening, all finalists will be asked to schedule an interview for Tuesday, April 5th or Wednesday, April 6th as part of the audition process.

    If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Theresa Mancini, at 314-516-8849.

    Akram, Raven
    Allen, Alexandria
    Baden, Kelsey
    Barkau, Kayla
    Berens, Brianna
    Bollinger, Taylor
    Boyer, Tess
    Caldwell, Meghan
    Casalmir, Tricia
    Cox, Jayne
    Crocker, Brittany
    Dinga, Kristin
    Eavenson, Ashley
    Eichenauer, Tessa
    Elliott, Ashley
    Gorton, Taylor
    Griffin, Jessica
    Hauser, Lucy
    Hermann, Kiley
    Hill, Paige
    Jones, Crystal
    LaBrie, Chelsea
    Love, Michelle
    Marsh, Sheri
    Menke, KelseyMull, Jennifer
    Neu, Annie
    O’Connor, Meghan
    O’Riley, Megan
    Palmer, Aundrea
    Patrick, Holly
    Philipps, Kathryn
    Planck, Laura
    Plumb, Jordan
    Quintela, Chelsea
    Rodriguez, Elena
    Ruby, Trisha
    Sames, Abigail
    Scheuneman, Aimee
    Spindel, Stephanie
    Spinks, Megan
    Spriggs, Emily
    Thompson, Haylee
    Thompson, Tori
    Tomlin, Taega
    True, Jennie
    Wallace, Morgan
    Wellen, Emily
    Whiteside, Katie
    Whiting, Ashton

    Making of the Squad

    Making of the Squad

    What I would do to be one of the judges! lol

    p.s. anyone know how to post a video onto here? Got a very good one about tryouts on the rams website.
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