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    We need streamers bad !!!!!

    Fellow Rams fans we are not representing in the world of P2P streaming. There are many fans who are out of country, such as military and business people who would love to catch our team live on the internet. There are so many venues open to use to accomplish this task, yet we Rams Fans are still not properly represented.

    As a Rams Fan for the past 40 years, I would rather watch our team lose games than not to see them play at all. We need to get some of our more Tech Savvy people involved.

    Please let's try to make it where we will never have to miss another game. Check out sites like Veetle, great HD quality streaming, JustinTV and others. Or check into software like Stream Torrent, TV Ants, Sopcast and TVU. Let's get our team out to the fans who, like me, just can't afford CableTV or Direct Ticket anymore.

    With our current economy more and more Rams Fans look to the internet to have access to our games only to find we've been stiffed.

    Please help, we can do this.

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    slambino Guest

    Re: We need streamers bad !!!!!

    I hope these links will be helpful for both people who want to watch and for people who want to broadcast. We really need broadcasters. :: P2P TV Software Overview, free P2P TV

    Veetle - Broadcast live streaming video in HD

    Live Channels - Sports - English

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    Re: We need streamers bad !!!!!

    Watching on ATDHE.Net - Watch Free Live Sports TV right now. Not liking what I see, but hey, at least I'm seeing something!

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    slambino Guest

    Re: We need streamers bad !!!!!

    Yeah, looks like we have one person streaming from St. Louis local. Watched the Cleveland game the other night, stream started late so I missed SJ and the TD by Fells but got to see the rest. Nice. I was impressed with our ST's play.

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    Re: We need streamers bad !!!!!

    Anyone outside of the US can pay a small fee to watch all games live online with the NFL game pass. Also anyone can pay $39 for the entire seasons worth of games, the only catch is they come available to watch on Tue, so it's not live.

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    Re: We need streamers bad !!!!!

    Yep, I also saw the Cleveland game on Veetle and the Vikings game as well (I believe it was on ATDHE). But I completely agree, we need more streamers. It's annoying when we often find Ram games online only being streamed by away-team-fans and their commentary.

    Not to get too off topic, but I re-watched some of the Rams/Browns game on NFL network, and I realized how horrendous their announcer was , he would not shut up about the Rams play calling.


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