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    Article: Week Four: Post-Game Observations

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    Very good article! I would like to point something out that really bothers me about the St Louis Rams coaching.At the 9:52 mark of the 2nd qtr,The Rams had the ball 1st & 10 @ the Wash 44.Faced with a 4th & 1,The Rams went for it and got the 1st down.Now it's 1st & 10 @ the Wash. 31.An incomplete pass and a pick up of 3yds put the Rams in a 3rd & 7 from the 28.Of course,the Rams commit a 15 yd penalty and are now faced with a 3rd and 22 from the 43.This is where I have a problem with managing this team.A bad penalty has stalled the drive.I don't want to risk a sack and possible fumble.I want to play field position and with over 7 minutes remaining try to run it on 3rd down and see what happens.At that point,I called the fumble.I knew what was going to happen.I just feel that when you are only down 7 zip @ that point,you have to try to play field position.You went for it on 4th down once and a costly penalty took you out of field goal range,then you try to manage the situation.I knew Bradford would get pressured.I knew Wash would be coming with a blitz.(I actually don't remember if they blitzed that down)but whatever,I'm frustrated!!! I really wanted them to at least run it,and then pooch punt it and try to pin them.Who knows,maybe something good could have happened and maybe they could have at least given themselves a chance to hold the Skins to 7 @ the half.
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