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    Maybe It's The Uniforms!!!!

    maybe it's just coincidence, but the Rams lost 1 Superbowl and 3 1st round playoff games since switching uniforms. maybe they need to go back to the old uni's. just a thought! it couldn't hurt. I'll take any change to see this team be successful again.

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    lakerams Guest

    Re: Maybe It's The Uniforms!!!!

    wishful thinking Rebel.

    we may never see that day come. the rest of the orginization are idiots just like the HC. that is why he is still the HC. name any other team that would be stupid and idiotic enough to hire Martz as a HC? especially after his record of game management.

    Wannstedt was going to be fired ( before he stepped down ) for having a team with no talent ( who the Rams lost to ). why shouldn't Martz be fired for underachieving with talent.

    and for all you Martz supporters who want to blame it on the defense, Indy hasn't had a defense since Manning got there and you don't see them at 5-5.
    if Martz is such an offensive genius as you all claim, why can't he lead the team to wins without a defense like Indy does?

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