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    The Ballad of Civil War (a poem of the BoSH)

    The sun had set on golden times
    A tale is told within these rhymes
    Gone are warriors of great renown
    Those who remain are beaten down

    And so at last it came to pass
    The Clan no longer, a single mass
    But cleaved in two, and torn away
    The unity of a brighter day

    On one side stood, those who still see
    Redemption through continuity
    Patient and sanguine, is how they strive
    To be, their hopes still stay alive

    On the other side, a firey crowd
    Their words are sharp, their voices loud
    A path of change, to them, the answer
    The status quo, is but a cancer

    Both sides are true, their cause the same
    And yet their words, now cause disdain
    Passion united, a powerful thing
    But when divided, civil war it brings

    Those who regard, this woeful tale
    Might wish to know, who will prevail?
    That answer, not within these lines
    It will only come, in different times

    The true question, that one should ask
    And face the answer, a daunting task
    Is which side in, this troubled age
    Stands for the Clan, with righteous rage

    The answer, not within this part
    Of this verse, rather, in your heart
    Is where you’ll find, the correct plan
    To support, as a loyalist to the Clan

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    Re: The Ballad of Civil War (a poem of the BoSH)

    Not bad, not bad at all.

    Not keen on the sig though

    FPOP indeed.................................................
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    Re: The Ballad of Civil War (a poem of the BoSH)

    This is really simple AV, if the Rams can manage to pull off a few wins than Linehan and company will continue to have his supporters. And if he doesn't well, than we will all know what happen. It just seems to me, that you have already tried and convicted Linehan a long time ago. We all know that the man has made his share of mistakes and I myself have led the charge on his poor decision making in a few threads. But I don't think that he is purposely making decisions with the intent of hurting this team. I am as pissed with losing all four of our games in the manner that we did as anyone else, but for the moment i'm at least willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Of course all that can change, BUT at least i'm willing to let the man make the mistake before I crucify him.

    Go Rams!!!
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    Re: The Ballad of Civil War (a poem of the BoSH)

    What will it take for Clan members, FO staff, and other fans to see the writing on the wall, so to speak?? Has anyone heard that story from the Bible? A mysterious hand appears and writes on the wall "You have been weighed in the balance and found left wanting". The writing is ON THE WALL for Linehan and I just feel like it will take two 1-15 seasons (I'm just assuming that we will win at least ONE game at some point in the season) for everyone to wake up and realize he is not the Messiah everyone expected him to be. Your poem is proving to be accurate.
    P.S: Love the poem!!!!!!
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