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    Book of the Spiralhorns VII; Chapter One: Gloom in the New Season

    “The Pantheras came unto our battlefield, and left us with more than just scars. They have stricken at the hearts of our warriors, and have bled our spirit from us.”

    No one said anything. No one even raised his head.

    No one could.

    Even though the sun was shining brightly, the day was filled with gloom for the Clan. The optimism of a new season of battle was dampened like a fire in a downpour. The landscape, this morning filled with laughter and hope, was quiet and subdued now. Not only had our army lost the battle, but also one of our greatest was gravely wounded. All were awaiting the word from the healer to know if he would pronounce the warrior fit for battle next week. With the lack of warriors worthy to guard our Captain, this was a major concern to the people.

    A lone figure, clad in the colors of the enemy, approached the camp. Even though he was unarmed, everyone kept watch on him.

    “I come to you to ask, will your warrior recover?”

    No one answered the stranger. They did not know the answer.

    The stranger said, “I hope he will be well. Your warriors fought hard. Even in their loss, you should not despair. I wish you luck on the battlefield in the future.” With this, the figure turned to depart, leaving as he had come.

    A small group of the Clan had gathered under the trees to reflect upon the battle. Though they were to far away to hear, they imagined they could hear the fierce words of the General as he angrily addressed the troops. The group was no less severe when speaking of the performance of the warriors. Some were speaking of mutiny against the General.

    Yet, one lone voice, a man-child, did not let the devastating defeat cloud his optimism.

    “We may have stumbled today, but we can still continue our path with 15 victories!”

    Even with the worry and despair, some had to smile. Arre stood up, looked at the crowd that had gathered, and said, “Now is not the time to give up. Lick your wounds tonight. Tomorrow, prepare, for the Scarlet Warriors are on their way here.”

    The group disbanded, thinking about the forthcoming battle…


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    Re: Book of the Spiralhorns VII; Chapter One: Gloom in the New Season

    We need our warriors to be ready for the scarlet whiners.

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