It only took a few bandages to care for the injuries to our warriors. Our General, although disappointed by the defeat, stood proudly with the Legion. A victory over the Northwest Raptors was not expected, and the battle for supremacy had been harder fought than predicted. Several times during the course of the battle, it seemed as though the Legion would be victorious, but in the end, winning the battle eluded us. Our General, as well as the warriors, did not let the defeat obstruct the path to their goal. They knew there were more battles to this campaign, and win or lose, the Legion must move forward to the next battle.
A friend of mine, a baker from the land of thieves, travels with me to labor in the village of the suckerfish. He recently presented me with a gift of weapons bearing the image of the horns. Although his allegiance lies with a rival, he has some redeeming qualities.
“Arre, I have traveled to the land of wheat and to the land of the Bovine warriors. In both places, they talk of how the Legion of the Spiralhorn is no longer quiet. The name of the Legion is spoken with respect by most. I hear the Army of Lightning is wary of seeing the battle flag of the Legion.”
I could not believe the words spoken by my friend. He had not spoken well of the Legion for several years. I could not resist the temptation to taunt him. “In fact, the Legion is doing much better than the Iron Thieves, are they not?”
“Sadly, you are right.”

We rode in silence to our destination. When we finally arrived, he had one last warning for me.

“Beware the Army of Lightning, for if lightning strikes first, it can devastate your Legion.”

I have heard these words before. I am not worried, for the Legion has fought better than many believed possible. It is said that the Legion should not expect victory in the upcoming battle. I know the Legion is much more powerful than what is known.

No one can guarantee an army victory.

I can guarantee the Legion will fight with passion, and will be stronger than what has been shown. I know the glory of being the champions of the land, and the humiliation of defeat. It is our birthright to be feared by all. Now, we must prove it.

“My friend, I hear your warning. The Legion knows. Still, you do not understand why we do not fear them. No matter who we face in battle, there are two words that carry us forward.”

He looked at me and asked, “And, pray tell me, what are these words of magic that make your Legion so brave and powerful?”

“I believe.”