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    BOSH Book VI: Chapter 10; The Healing

    I apologize for the delay in posting this week's chapter. Work, personal business, and a really lousy day that ended with a pet passing away has interrupted me from my schedule. I wrote this week's chapter this morning, so it probably isn't as good as I'd like. But, hey, I'm not exactly Homer. (Well, Homer Simpson, maybe, but not the Greek dude...) Anyway, here it is.

    The Healing

    The victory against the Desert Birds was the beginning of a week of celebration. The Legion, always a family, has a newfound determination. A sense of calm has settled upon the people. The realization that the warriors are settling into their roles has left the Spiralhorns with a calm understanding that the battles still to come will not be given away to our foes.

    My return home has been bittersweet, for Maternia was forced to deliver bad news to me yesterday upon my arrival. The days since our last victory had been days of joy, but the sadness of the death of the kitten belonging to Sima and Yakira cast a shadow upon the close of the week. Sima chose to mark the kitten’s grave with the colors of the Legion, for she says the kitten had the heart of a warrior. I must be proud of the girls for the way they handled the news. Even though a tear was seen in their eyes, they showed the strength of warriors.

    I am still remembering the strange end to the last battle, and celebrating the victory. I am also anticipating the battle tomorrow against the Lions of the North. Our former General will plan their attack strategy. The battle is expected to be fierce. The news that one of our strongest warriors is still suffering from wounds he received from the battle with the Scarlet Miners is not good, but our General has declared faith in the one who will stand in his place. Our General has proven to be wise thus far; the Legion has expressed their desire to believe in him.

    That is enough speaking of me, for there are other things that need to be told.

    A message about our Legion has come from afar. The Legion is no longer looked upon as weak. We all believed that our new General would strengthen the Legion, however, we all thought it would take until next year to see the fierceness come to fruition. The bloodlust possessed by our warriors is beginning to strike fear into our foes. The Lions of the North have not spoken much about the forthcoming battle, so we must assume they are planning to strike hard and fast early in the battle. Our warriors are not worried. A devastating counterstrike is the hallmark of our General. Even though we shall surely be on the defensive, our General has found a way to take away the spirit of our foes and cause confusion. It will not be long before the Lions shall be defending their ground against the attack of our Captain and his forces. We expect our former General to be greeted with a defeat on the battlefield.

    Another message has delivered the news from the Northwest Raptors: An evil hex has claimed their greatest warrior. He shall not see the battlefield for some time. Although the Legion does not wish him harm, all hope this curse will cause the Northwest Raptors to fall from dominance.

    The Council of the Elders gathered during the past week. Dez Urbanus had fallen victim to illness recently. Yet, like the true leader he is, he conquered the illness, and has returned to guide us all. The Legion was worried with the news of his illness, and his return has been cause for relief and celebration. Perhaps his beloved Moira shall allow him to imbibe in some spirits, for in the eyes of the Legion, he deserves to partake of the best mead in the land.

    The Council has also sent this message to the other armies of the land.

    “We, the Council of the Elders of the Legion, say this unto you: We have returned from our sleep. No longer shall we fail to be prepared for battles. We shall accept defeat no longer. In days gone by, the name of the Spiralhorns was respected and feared. In battle, we appeared only as a shadow of our former selves.
    “We shall be unprepared no longer. We have drunk from the cup of brotherhood, and have sworn fealty to our General. Our Captain has learned the new strategies. The defenders of our lands have gained new focus. Our flag flies high. Know that when you see our Flag of Battle, you shall learn of our return. The crown rightly belongs to us. We have not forgotten. We fight for what is right.
    “Once again, the Horns shall be held high. Once again, the colors of our Clan shall be a reason to quake in fear. Once again, we shall be on the offensive. Once again, we shall claim what is rightfully ours. We shall no longer surrender without a fight. We shall stand proud. We shall hone our swords in preparation. We shall polish our shields. We shall mend our armor. We shall remember the greatest warriors to wear the Horns, and we shall reverently strive to become like them. We shall fight with our hearts. Our appetite for victory is insatiable.
    “To the armies who have defeated the Legion in the past years, I say this: You fought well. You believe you will defeat us again. I say, prepare yourselves, for we have returned. We are once again a brotherhood, a Clan without division amongst us.

    “This isn’t over. We are coming for you.”


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    Re: BOSH Book VI: Chapter 9; The Healing

    Let the flag fly high today. Beware Lions of the north. The Spiralhorns stand ready.

    Nice job Sam...sorry to hear about the little kitten's death.

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    Re: BOSH Book VI: Chapter 9; The Healing

    You're forgiven.


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